Excitement filled the air. At long last it was time. It was my time. It was time to present an offering to the King. It was time to place the fruit of my labor–my very best efforts–before him. The King himself had commissioned this gift. It was the very best I had to offer. I worked … More Imperfect!


I’ll never know how much it cost, to see my sin upon that cross …     As I gently sing the familiar words, my heart is stirred. Tears well up and begin to flow freely.  A wave of gratitude sweeps over me,  and I remember … I remember the cross. I remember that I’m saved by … More Remembering

Shhh …

Shhh … What do you hear? When the smartphone is put away.  When the computer is shut down.  When the television and the iPod are silent.  What do you hear? Do you hear him? Shhh … What do you hear? When the props are gone.  When the distractions fade. When everyone and everything else slips into the … More Shhh …

What I (Really) Need

I don’t need …       —another great sermon or a good book    —a divine appointment or an important connection    —a word of encouragement or exhortation I don’t need to visit  …    —a significant or sentimental place from the past    —an anointed conference    —a church or a prayer room I’m not looking for … More What I (Really) Need