What Will it Sound Like? (Round 2)

I posted this almost a year ago, but recently, I can’t get the song out of my head. Even more, I can’t escape the intense longing for a deeper and greater reality in our times of corporate worship. He is worthy of our all. Indeed, let it come.
(I updated the original post to add a link to the song at the end.)

Cindy Powell

Been asking a lot of questions this week.  Don’t have a lot of answers–just questions …

Brian Johnson has a song called “What Does it Sound Like?”  The lyrics are simple: 

What does it sound like when we sing heaven’s songs?
What does it feel like when heaven comes down?
What does it look like when God is all around?
Let it come.

Each time I hear the song, my spirit is stirred in a deep way …

What will it sound like when we sing heaven’s songs?   When we join the saints and angels gathered around the throne? When we are united in love and truly sing with one heart, one mind, and one accord?  When there is no possibility of  distraction because all our energy, all our focus, and all our affection is steadfastly fixed upon the One seated on the throne? 

What will it feel like when heaven…

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