The Comfort of Simplicity

My brain kicks into overdrive far too often. I have a tendency, at least at times, to think too much. Lately, I have had so much churning around in my mind and heart. After pondering so much for so long, there is so much I want to get out of my head and onto paper. Even more, there is so much I’d like to see accomplished.  I’ve made a brief start to at least half a dozen posts, just to get the ideas out of my head before they collide with ten others or disappear altogether. I have also written substantial portions of at least two or three other posts – but I haven’t finished any of them.  They just got too complicated.

Well, it’s a new day so I’m starting a fresh and un-premeditated post. Leaving the complexities of “over-thinking” behind – at least for today – and returning to the comfort of simplicity.  The irony is that one of the main messages for me in this past season has been that of remaining in a place of simplicity and freedom!  I get the concept – it’s staying there that sometimes proves to be a challenge.

Actually this has been an ongoing theme in my life – lately Jesus has just been taking it deeper. I am learning to navigate the delicate balance between being intentional and focused – and moving in freedom to the rhythm of heaven.  I continue to believe that both are not only possible, but necessary.  However, for me, the foundation has to be simplicity.

The simplicity of living, moving and breathing in Him. The simplicity of childlike faith in a good and loving Father. The simplicity of abiding in His presence. The simplicity of just being His.

Jesus was never complicated – He modeled a simple and pure devotion to, and dependence upon, the Father.  However the absence of “complication” did not mean the absence of depth.  Jesus was profoundly deep and said and did things that absolutely confounded the natural man and our natural way of thinking.  He still does.  And that is usually where the problem begins.  We want to figure things out.  Some of us even want to go a step further – we want to figure things out and then explain them to others.  A noble pursuit, perhaps, but often a bit misguided.

We will never “figure God out” – faith always requires an element of mystery – but we have been given the unfathomable privilege of getting to know Him. And as we spend time with Him – just to be with Him – and get to know His heart, we receive more by revelation than we could ever hope to decipher by way of intellect.  It’s the difference between knowing Him through the simple pleasures of relationship and learning more about Him primarily through intellect and instruction.  The latter has no value apart from the former.

So here I am – returning to the solid foundation of simplicity. Letting go of the clutter – knowing it will all work itself out in time.  Sorting through the motives and desires of my heart yet again and coming back to the place of desiring one thing above all – simply being where He is. I am His and He is mine. Today, it is enough. Yes, there is still a lot percolating in my heart, but until “the Spirit of wisdom and revelation” breaths on and untangles those things, I’m going to set them aside for just a while longer.

To be sure, my gaze is fixed steadfastly on the goal.  I will live my life intentionally and on purpose – seeking first His kingdom and His righteousness. I absolutely refuse to let life live me.   But I’m also content and at peace because I’m enveloped in the  wonderfully familiar comfort of simplicity.

And I’m learning to stay there.

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