Spontaneous Devotions: “The Joy of Discovery”

Awakened to wonder- And the joy of discovering… His goodness His grace And His glorious ways His Presence His power And His purifying gaze His love His life And the light of His face Awakened to wonder- And the joy of discovering… The unfathomable depths The unsearchable riches The bountiful blessing Of our lives Hidden in … More Spontaneous Devotions: “The Joy of Discovery”

Christmas Wishes

This Christmas I wish you … Wonder. May your heart be captured again by the wonder of it all. By the wonder of the incarnation–the astounding and unimaginable reality that God became a man and dwelt among us.The reality of Emmanuel–God with us. May you be awestruck again by the wonder of a God who … More Christmas Wishes

Do You Remember Wonder?

Do you remember wonder? Do you remember when your heart was awakened to the marvelous mystery of the incarnation; to that wondrous feeling of finally knowing what Christmas was all about? Do you remember when the extraordinary invaded the ordinary, and the ordinary suddenly became extraordinary simply because He was there? Do you remember? Do you remember awe? Do … More Do You Remember Wonder?

Wretch or Wonder?

A holy hush settled over the entire room. The soft and tender tones of women singing out their sincere love and longing for Jesus filled the atmosphere. It was a taste–just a tiny taste–of heaven on earth. Then it happened. (Oh why does it always happen?) “If you’re struggling with SIN don’t let anything keep you from Jesus. … More Wretch or Wonder?