“What we do in life, echos through eternity.”  
Maximus (from The Gladiator)

Sometimes I need to remind myself …

This isn’t all there is.

Don’t get me wrong, there is much to apprehend here and now. I want to press on to lay hold of the things for which Christ has laid hold of me. I want to see “his kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven” in ever-increasing measure. I want him to have the  praise and honor and glory that is due his name–right here on the earth. But I say these things with the full knowledge that we will never know the fullness of all we were created for …

In this age.

That’s because we weren’t just created for this age–we were created for eternity. It’s written on our very hearts.

Recently I was spending time with the Lord and had a sudden revelation about a desire that has been hidden deep within my heart for years. The Lord whispered the words of Psalm 37:4 to me, “Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Instantly I knew–not thought, not felt–but knew he would fulfill my desire …

But not here. Not now.

I knew he would fulfill my desire for all of eternity.

That knowledge overwhelmed me with gratitude. Because eternity is a whole lot longer than here and now.

This life is a vapor. It’s a breath. It’s like the flowers of the field–here today and gone tomorrow.

But he is forever. His love is forever. His kingdom is forever. 

Heaven is a very real place. Jesus is a very real King–reigning from a very real throne. Sometimes our ideas of heaven–of eternity–are so detached and ethereal that we can’t even begin to glimpse the beauty of our eternal lives with him. We can’t comprehend how tangible our lives will be for eternity. We can’t begin to fathom–or even imagine–the limitless possibilities of infinity.

I believe many of our gifts and callings will continue on … forever. In fact there are some things, like the desire hidden in my own heart,  that will only come to fruition in his eternal kingdom. There are longings and desires hidden deep within each of us that will only know their full expression in the age to come.

That’s not a bad thing–it’s a good thing. It’s a great thing. It’s a glorious thing.

It’s our unfailing eternal hope.  

That doesn’t mean we don’t use our gifts here and now. It doesn’t mean we won’t see fulfilled dreams and desires here and now. It doesn’t mean we don’t have destiny and purpose here and now. Just as some things will only find their expression when his kingdom comes in fullness, there are other things we can only give and do on this side.  This isn’t dress rehearsal. The things we do now, do echo through eternity. It’s a sobering thought to realize our time here–our choices here–actually help shape eternity.

But I’m not living for fulfillment here and now. I’m living for him. I’m living for another age …

I’m living for eternity. 

How about you?

4 thoughts on “Eternity

  1. Recently I have picked up the habit of posting something on Sunday nights and then seeing what others have written on the same subject. This week I came across your posts after scrolling though sentimental things that hold little eternal value. I happen to like what I see here, and decided to follow you. We Believers need each other and I like your approach to loving Jesus. Your “about me” page is terrific. I give in an A+. Every week I tell myself I need to do window dressing on my blog site and every week passes without getting it done. You have a lovely page.


    1. Thank you for the encouragement. If it’s any consolation, I’m always thinking I should do some changing and rearranging on my site too, but never quite seem to get around to it! But, at least we keep writing–yes? I think that is the main point. 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by–God bless your week!


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