Just Musing


Just musing this morning. No official “Monday Morning Musings.” No podcast. No series. No particular format or pre-planned content. Just my heart – reflecting – pondering – considering – a variety of things.

Things like:

His great faithfulness. Years ago, Jesus told me He didn’t mind proving His faithfulness to me. He has–over and over again. Although my faith has grown, and my trust has grown, there are times I still need Him to prove His faithfulness. And He still does. He doesn’t even seem to mind.  For this, I am eternally grateful.

The rewards of risk. The last couple of years have been both challenging and glorious–mostly due to the fact that I took a huge leap of faith. To see God do the impossible, you need to actually be faced with the impossible. This is never a comfortable place. Some impossible situations choose us, but other times we choose them with our “yes.” When we do, His yes meets ours and some pretty stunning stuff happens. Stuff we’d never experience if we played it safe.  The moral of this story? When He invites you out upon the waves, don’t miss the opportunity–cut the shorelines and go!

The unforced rhythms of grace. Do what’s trying to happen and let go of what isn’t. God  leads with closed doors as often as He leads with open ones. That doesn’t mean we should quit believing for some of the things that aren’t currently trying to happen, but recognize and appreciate what God is breathing on right now.  It’s a whole lot easier to enjoy the dance–to move with the unforced rhythms of grace–when we aren’t fighting for control. Rest in His embrace and let Him lead.

The unfolding beauty of the journey. The grand adventure of life tends to unfold one. little. step. at. a. time. But when you’re in a season of uncertainty and transition, waiting for things to unfold can seem more anxiety-inducing than adventurous! Learning to stay present in the beauty of now–rather than stressing about the future–is a discipline worth developing in any season, but in times of transition it is essential. If we’re so focused on getting our big breakthrough–no matter how necessary that breakthrough may be–we’ll miss the breathtaking beauty of the journey. And there is always beauty in the journey. Always.

The healing power of love. Love wins. Period. There is no person, no program, no politics, and no policy that can eliminate the division in our nation, or the darkness that is so prevalent in this world. It should go without saying that dogmatically expressing our opinions without a clear redemptive purpose doesn’t help either. We are supposed to stand in the gap, not widen it. The only power great enough to bridge any divide and enlighten any darkness, is the love of God. I was thinking this morning that perhaps God made the earth round to remind us that humanity is an interconnected circle and not a straight line with two opposite sides. We all have our unique place in the Body of Christ, so we will never all see things the same way. We’re not supposed to. If we could simply allow each other the basic freedom to play our unique role–without minimizing or delegitimizing perspectives that differ from our own–we might realize we have more in common than we think. When emotions are high, and tensions are even higher–keep your love on. Because love wins. Period.

So these are some of my musings this morning. This is what has been stirring in my heart an mind. My prayer is that something here might add just a touch of perspective and peace to your own ponderings. But most of all…

Thank You, Jesus, for being the Source and Solution for every season and in every situation. May all of our ponderings serve to position our hearts ever closer to your own!

2 thoughts on “Just Musing

  1. I love your musings! I especially liked this statement…
    “The moral of this story? When He invites you out upon the waves, don’t miss the opportunity–cut the shorelines and go!”

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