Wretch or Wonder?

A holy hush settled over the entire room. The soft and tender tones of women singing out their sincere love and longing for Jesus filled the atmosphere. It was a taste–just a tiny taste–of heaven on earth. Then it happened. (Oh why does it always happen?) “If you’re struggling with SIN don’t let anything keep you from Jesus. … More Wretch or Wonder?

It is Finished

It is finished …    No matter how far I have to go    No matter how often I mess up    No matter weak and foolish I feel   It is finished …    No matter how far you have to go    No matter how often you mess up    No matter weak and foolish you feel   It is finished … More It is Finished

A Prayer for our Nation and for our (New or Re-elected) President

Tomorrow we will elect the next President of the United States. Rarely has a presidential race been as heated and divisive as this one. Personally, I have stronger feelings about this election than about any in recent history, yet for the most part I have not felt compelled–or even released–to speak out about my own … More A Prayer for our Nation and for our (New or Re-elected) President

Indignant Faith

I should probably issue a warning right about now. Before you read any further, you need to know this isn’t going to be  a “typical” post for me. I’m feeling pretty feisty and I’m coming out swinging. I’m sick and tired of hell’s schemes on this planet. I’m sick and tired of playing nice. I’m  ruffled and I’m riled. But … More Indignant Faith

Monday Morning Musings: Do What You Can

“She did what she could.” —Mark 14:8 Some thought it was foolish. Others thought it was outlandishly extravagant. Perhaps others thought she should have done even more. Jesus simply said, “She did what she could.” In a single, whole-hearted gesture of worship, Mary anointed Jesus with an alabaster jar of extremely expensive perfume. That single flask was so valuable … More Monday Morning Musings: Do What You Can

Grace and Truth

“We have seen his glory, the glory of the One and Only who came from the Father, full of grace and truth.” –John 1:14 Grace and truth – two small words large with meaning.  Although they oppose and contradict each other at times, they live in complete harmony within the heart and mind of God.  A paradox … More Grace and Truth

Kisses of Grace

I don’t remember when I first used the expression “kisses of grace” but it has become a regular part of my vocabulary.  Even better, His “kisses” have become a regular part of my life! This past weekend was especially filled with sweet kisses. I was away at a retreat in a place that held a lot … More Kisses of Grace