Kisses of Grace

I don’t remember when I first used the expression “kisses of grace” but it has become a regular part of my vocabulary.  Even better, His “kisses” have become a regular part of my life!

This past weekend was especially filled with sweet kisses. I was away at a retreat in a place that held a lot of spiritual significance for me. On one past visit in particular I had an encounter with Him that became one of those defining moments in life.  Since this weekend had not been something I sought after but rather was something “set up” by God Himself, I wondered what it would hold.  I can tell you what it held – lots and lots of kisses!

What I mean is this – I didn’t have one of those encounters that change everything,  rather I had an avalance of touching moments and reminders that He has already changed everything in my life.  Every time I turned around He was confirming something He had recently spoken to me, or allowing me to experience one of my favorite things with Him, or reminding me of a specific promise, or encouraging me with something I specifically needed to hear, or… on and on and on.  Simple loving things that were filled with meaning – just between the two of us.   In general He continually made the sweetnees of His love and presence known by reminding me how intricately His heart and touch have become woven into the fabric of my life.   So special.  So sweet.  So intimate and precious. 

Don’t get me wrong – I love the “big” moments that change everything.  I fully expect more of those in my life – and soon.  But this weekend I realized that I’ve come to treasure the daily intimacy of deeply sharing every part of my life with Him even more.   I’m spoiled rotten and I know it!  But I also know He likes it  – and so do I.

As I was pondering this topic, I wrote a little ditty to try to capture the essence these kisses of grace.  Don’t think I really got it, but this is what I wrote:

When you kiss me with grace
You shine the light of Your face
On my hungry and waiting heart

You shower me with love
Blessings abound from above
Each day an amazing new start

Your mercy flows from heaven
Your favor freely given
In daily gifts both large and small

Simple signs of Your affection
Each one sheer perfection
From a God who delights to give all

He does delight to give all.  And I for one, want to lay hold of absolutely everything He desires to give.  Whether that is a life changing encounter with Him … or a simple, sweet kiss of His grace.

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