A Prayer for our Nation and for our (New or Re-elected) President

Tomorrow we will elect the next President of the United States. Rarely has a presidential race been as heated and divisive as this one. Personally, I have stronger feelings about this election than about any in recent history, yet for the most part I have not felt compelled–or even released–to speak out about my own views (believe me, I have wanted to at times!). I bless and respect those who do feel called to speak out–for some it’s truly a matter of faithfulness and obedience–but, at least for right now, it isn’t that for me.

While I don’t feel compelled to speak out about my political views, I do feel compelled to pray. I feel compelled to pray for this country and for the man who will be our president for the next four years–regardless of who that may be.  That’s why I’m skipping my regular Monday devotion this week and dedicating the bulk of this post to praying for our nation and for our next president.

I hope you’ll join me  …

       Thank you for the amazing ways you have blessed this nation.  First of all, I thank you for the privilege of living in a nation where we are each able to stand on our convictions and vote our conscience–wherever that leads us–and that we can do so without  the fear of reprisal.  Thank you for mercy that continues to triumph over judgment and for your amazing kindness that leads us to repentance.  I ask that you will continue to bless us, not because we deserve it or because we’ve followed you wholeheartedly, but simply because we’re your children and we’re asking in your name.  Thank you for your great love for this nation and its people–Father make your love known more and more throughout this land. Make your heart known. Make your ways known. Let your kingdom come and your will be done–throughout this nation–as it is in heaven.  
       Lord, I ask that the outcome of the election will be decisive and determined conclusively tomorrow. I stand in the gap and declare there will be NO further pain and division in this nation caused by a protracted debate over the results. Let every vote be cast fairly and let every vote count.  
       I ask you, even now, to prepare the heart of the man who will lead this nation over these next years. I pray that we, as your people, will come together to pray for him and to bless him–whether we voted for him or not.  Anoint and equip him to be a uniter and not a divider. Show him where and how to build bridges and where he must stand on conviction. Make him a man of integrity and a man after your own heart. Teach him your ways and lead him in your truth. Protect him–body, soul, and spirit–and draw his heart closer to your own. Be his counselor, be his comforter, and be his strength.  
       Lord I ask for an unprecedented outpouring of your Spirit in the days ahead. I ask for a release of great healing throughout the nation … and in your church. Some will rejoice tomorrow, and some will weep–may we extend great grace to one another even as our hearts respond differently. God forgive us for our small-minded and dogmatic ways. Forgive for being so lost in our own opinions at times that we fail to see the very valid issues raised by those who think differently and have different life experiences and priorities. Forgive us for turning on each other when we disagree. Forgive us for our pettiness and for so often majoring in the minors–help us to make the main thing, the main thing. And Jesus, you forever have been, and forever will be, the only main thing.
      Lord, we desire righteousous leaders and a President who will follow you with his whole heart–but even as we express that desire, we acknowledge that our future is not in the hands of a man. Our future is in your hands. You are the Desire of Nations. You are the desire–and hope– of THIS nation. You are Lord of lords and King of kings. Your kingdom WILL come, your will WILL be done, on earth as it is in heaven. And the increase of YOUR government will know no end.  
     Regardless of who is President–Jesus, you are our King and the only One who will reign forever. For that, we are eternally grateful.  Again Lord, thank you for continuing to bless America … may we ever live to bless you.
       In your name, Jesus 

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