Finding Your Voice (Monday Morning Musings V.3.0 with video)

11823733_10207143436606293_496432396_nLivestream, V-logs, Facebook Live,YouTube, FaceTime, and a million other types of insta-video have become a staple form of communication in our day. It’s all very commonplace and normal for today’s generation.

But for someone who is, ahem, more “seasoned” in the journey of life (simple translation: a bit older) the new normal in communication can seem a bit daunting. Especially for someone who has always disliked even having her picture taken!

Daunting or not, I’ve been feeling the gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) tug of the Holy Spirit to, once again, move beyond my current comfort zone. That’s what I did today. I took another step – a baby step – toward finding and releasing my voice.

In the hopes it will help others find theirs. 

I did a FB live video this morning (the link is below). It’s not great. My kitty made several surprise appearances. I was clearly uncomfortable. I didn’t have much of anything mapped out to say and was kind of all over the place. But after a few minutes, I did manage to say a few  things of substance. They could pretty much be summarized like this:

Get (and stay) connected to the heart of God, then take whatever steps you need to take, and overcome whatever you need to overcome, so your unique voice can be heard. Because your voice matters.

I’m going to do another test run or two over the next couple of weeks and then in November, the plan is to start doing a weekly FB Live video that I’ll post to my Monday Morning Musings page.  I may only do it for a few weeks, maybe longer. No clue at this point.  It may be more about me getting over me than it is for anyone else, but I do hope there are some encouraging words for others along the way. When it fits, I’ll come back after the fact and do a little blog post summary here. (Of course that means the post here will NOT typically be on Monday Morning.)

Regardless of how long my public attempts of overcoming my personal fears last, and regardless of how impactful they are,  or are not, along the way, the real point is this… now more than ever, the world needs voices that carry the heartbeat of  heaven. The world needs voices of hope. So however He leads you…through whatever medium…and to whatever size sphere of influence you may have…

Find your voice.

And use it for good.

Here is the FB live link:

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice (Monday Morning Musings V.3.0 with video)

  1. Oh dear Cindy,
    I have missed you!
    I saw a bit of your video just now! Good for you to step out of your comfort zone.
    It seems I am stepping back into blogging after a very long time of few and far betweens.

    I’m coming off of a year long sabbatical from teaching Bible study. I just needed to be still and know and listen and rest and lean hard on Jesus. Now I’m all revived again and discovering my passion for writing is returning. I was led to return to my blog just this week with a new look. So excited to hear His call and to find His continuing rest and peace.

    Blessings to you dear friend I’ve never met. You are one of those heart connects the Lord brings my way every now and then.

    Keep using your voice for Him!



    1. So wonderful to hear from you Glenda! I will need to stop by your blog and check out the new look 🙂 So grateful that you were able to have a year of sabbatical and drawing near and that you are feeling refreshed. I’m glad your passion for writing is returning because you are so gifted and we need YOUR voice. Big blessings and hugs to you!


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