Here I am
Here I am with You
Here I am before Your face
Here I am before Your throne
Here I am
To whom shall I go?
You alone have the words of eternal life
Here I am
Here I am again
Here I am gazing up
Here I am where I belong
Hineni, Abba
Here I am
And there is no place I’d rather be

Hineni—“here I am”—isn’t just one of my favorite Hebrew words, it’s one of my favorite expressions, period.

Sometimes it is a powerful expression of surrender: “Here I am, send me!”

Other times it is a quiet whisper. When I can’t do anything else, I can show up. I can look up. I can connect.

Most often, though, it is a declaration. It is a declaration of a steadfast and ongoing relationship. It is acknowledgment of a door—and arms—that are always open. Often, I don’t know what to say. And often, I don’t know what to do. But always, I know where to go—and I will NOT be moved from His presence.

Best of all, He never moves away from me. I do love whispering “Hineni, Abba” when I quiet my heart for a moment and set my gaze in His direction. But mostly, I love His response:

Hineni, beloved, hineni!”

He is here with you, too. Right here, right now. Wherever you are. Whatever you need. Hear the Father’s tender reassurance:

Hineni, child. Here I am. I’m here with you. I’m for you. And I’ll never, ever leave you. Hineni.”

He’s not going anywhere. Neither am I.

Hineni, Abba. Hineni.

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