Forever Bound

I’m a prisoner of hope
I’m captive to grace
I’m bound by the strong cords of love
Yet I’m free
I’m gloriously
To be
He created me to be
In hope
In grace
In love
I’m madly
In love
With the One
Who first loved me

May my heart forever be bound in love to the One who set me free.

8 thoughts on “Forever Bound

  1. Well then…Papa says you get double …. 🙂

    I love the fact that we never outdo God no matter how hard we try. He hopes for us more than we can ever possibly hope in Him and He binds Himself forever to us. Ahhhh! Tilt!!! What freedom in this prison full of His infinite joy!
    Awesome post. Blessings.


        1. Just popped over to read it–love it! Glad my post was able to plant a little seed. 🙂 Love that we can do that for each other–I’ve often been spurred to write my own take on some nugget I’ve picked up in someone else’s musings. The beauty of the Body. Blessings to you!

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