Happy Endings

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be authentically me-especially as it relates to what God has called me to in terms of the message(s) He has given me to communicate. As I was pondering these things, I remembered this post I wrote a few years ago. I think I needed to read it again …

Image result for happy endings in GodThis started out as a very different post. I noticed that my recent  writing “style” had been leaning a particular way. It’s not  that I necessarily liked it or disliked it–I just wanted to write something different.

I wanted to write something different because sometimes when I look at my own blog … when I see the lovely tranquil header … when I read the serene and spiritual sounding tagline and the many references to “faith” and  “beauty” and “simplicity”… when I take in the content of the posts …

Well, sometimes I just can’t relate. 

Yep, that’s right. Even though it’s my blog and I’ve written everything on here … sometimes I can’t relate.

I can’t relate because it all ends up sounding so dang spiritual. And frankly, sometimes  I feel about as spiritual as a rock. Sometimes–a little too often, really–“tranquility” “stillness” “simplicity” “focus” “peace” and “beauty” do not describe my mood or my life. Sometimes “stressed” “anxious” “distracted” “tired” “numb” and downright “messy” are far more accurate.

So I wanted to try something else. Something that might be a bit more relateable across a broader spectrum. Something that didn’t sound so darn spiritual and hopeful. Something, I don’t know, a little grittier.

Something that seemed more real.

So, um, ask me how it worked out.

Yeah, not so well. After spending a lot of time I didn’t have trying to get something to flow that was never meant to be uncorked in the first place, I finally gave up. I figured I’d try again the next day. But by the time the next day arrived and I got back to it …

He’d already gotten to me.

He = God. As in Father, Son, and Spirit. As in Jesus the Messiah; the Holy One of Israel; the Son of David; Lord of all  …

Yeah, that’s the one that always gets to me … Lord. As in He gets to be God and I don’t. As in He gets to be the One who invades everything I do in ways that are, at times, far less convenient and “relatable” than I’d like. But I realized again this morning …

I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I wouldn’t have it any other way, because this IS who I am. He invades my life because I’ve invited Him to. The truth is I can’t be any other way, because this is how He made me.

And this is how He’s called me to communicate.

Life is hard sometimes. Really hard. Sometimes circumstances don’t have happy endings–not even close. Honestly, I’ve seen enough of “hard” to last a couple of lifetimes. Most of us have. But I’ve also seen something else …

I’ve seen Him.

And when I see Him, I don’t think about hard–I think about goodness. I think about grace. I think about hope.

I think about happy endings.

I may not always feel spiritual, but my relationship with Jesus and the reality of who I am in Him is not dependent on feelings or circumstances. He is who He is regardless of how I feel. And I am who He says I am regardless of how I feel about myself on any given day.

Who I am is His beloved. What He’s asked me to do is reveal His heart.

It’s really not that complicated.

He hasn’t asked me to be gritty. He hasn’t asked me to try something different. He hasn’t asked me to try to “relate” to as many people as possible. He hasn’t even asked me to try to relate to my own feelings! He’s simply asked me to be who Hsays I am and release the message He has entrusted to me.

That message is simply this:  In the midst of a crazy, mixed up, challenging and pain-filled world–He is good. He is hope. He is peace. He is love.

He is near.

And He is, and forever will be, the God of happy endings.

8 thoughts on “Happy Endings

  1. Indulge me while I state the obvious: you were meant to sound hopeful and spiritual because that is who you are. Grittier? That was a lying thought. More authentic? Yes, that is always an effective writing style. Stop doubting. Keep expounding on His simple beauty. It never tires to those who’ve had a glimpse. As Robert Frost said, we were meant for the road less travelled.


    1. Ha ha, yes me being “gritty” is an amusing thought, isn’t it? I actually wrote this several years ago, so don’t worry – I’ve not attempted that ridiculous diversion for quite sometime 😃 The only thing I do occasionally still wrestle with (and why I posted this again) is the idea of being relatable. But as I said in the post, God hasn’t called me to be relatable so much as He’s called me to be authentically me. And the authentic me is pretty crazy about Him – sometimes to a degree that isn’t always so relatable to others. I love the reference to the road less traveled – very fitting. Thanks and blessings to you Kate!

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  2. I can so relate! I think the struggle is wanting to be authentic without dumbing down the experiential reality of a life in the Father’s embrace. It’s sharing the infinite joy and treasure we’ve found without sounding pious. And I believe you’ve done very well in the authenticity department. 🙂 Your blog is very inviting and gracious, inviting the hopeful to step off the shore of their current experience in Christ and into the vast ocean of His unfathomable love. You are a blessing. 🙂


    1. Nor have I. And I SO agree that His ultimate embrace was the cross. I think you may have misunderstood the heart of my post –which was simply that I choose to focus on (and communicate) the hope and victory we have in Him (that it cost Him so dearly to purchase!) rather than on the very real trials of this life. “In this world you will have tribulation; but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.” That is my version of a happy ending 🙂 I will pop over to read your post as soon as I have a moment. Thanks so much for your input! Blessings to you~


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