It has a great sound to it, doesn’t it?

break·through. (brkthrn.

1. An act of overcoming or penetrating an obstacle or restriction.
2. A military offensive that penetrates an enemy’s lines of defense.
3. A major achievement or success that permits further progress.

I like them all.

I want them all.

We need them all.

We  need …


“The Breaker [The Messiah] will go up before them. They will break through, pass in through the gate and go out through it, and their King will pass on before them, the Lord at their head.” –Micah 2:13 AMP

Your leader will break out and lead you out of exile, out through the gates of the enemy cities, back to your own land. Your king will lead you; the LORD himself will guide you.” –Micah 2:13 NLT

He is the One who leads us. He has already secured our victory. We war from victory–not for victory. It’s already finished. It’s already done. He has given us the keys of the Kingdom. The gates of hell will not prevail against us.  We just need to believe it … and lay hold of that which has always been ours.

He is leading us out of exile and back to the land of promise.  He’s leading us back to our own land. He’s leading us back to the place of …

~Peace that passes understanding
~Joy unspeakable
~Hope that abounds
~Faith that overcomes
~Love that never fails

He’s leading us back to the Truth. Back to the reality of who we are; the reality of Whose we are. Who we are is his …

And he is the God of Breakthrough.

It’s time.

It’s time for victory that overcomes the world.  It’s time for the church to rise up with the “Lord at our head.” It’s time to pass through the gates. It’s time to lay hold of that for which he’s laid hold of us …

It’s time for breakthrough.

God of Breakthrough~
           You never fail us. You never forsake us. You always lead us in triumph! Lord, thank you that YOU are the One who goes before us. You have already made the way. You have already won the battle. It is finished! No matter how we feel; no matter how things look–our victory is secure. When we are weak–you are strong.  Nothing is too hard for you. We don’t need to strive, we don’t need to fake it or force it–in fact, we don’t need to do anything–we just need to believe. We  just need to believe you. Believe that you are who you say you are and you will do what you say you will do. Who you are is the Breaker–the God of Breakthrough–and you WILL break through!  Amen.

4 thoughts on “Break.Through.

  1. No matter how we feel; no matter how things look–our victory is secure.

    Always on time with your words my friend! Love you.


  2. Reminds me of the old hymn “There’s VICTORY in Jesus, my Savior forever!”. The battles are still there that’s why we are told to put on the “whole” armor of God, the enemy has already been defeated!!!! I agree…it’s time for the church to rise up. I would like to reblog if I may Cindy?


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