Do You See Him?

“See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” –Isaiah 43:19

I ‘ve been hearing a lot of references to this verse for years. “New things” have been rumbling for awhile now. But this season is different. I’m not hearing, I’m not sensing–I’m actually seeing him do a new thing.  I’m seeing things fall into place. I’m seeing things come to pass. I’m seeing new life on old dreams. I’m seeing answers–lots and lots of answers–to prayers I’ve prayed for years.

Honestly, it’s been just a bit overwhelming at times. (But I’m okay with that!)  I truly believe there is much more to come. He is so amazingly faithful and so ridiculously good! I can’t wait to “see” what else he has in store!

But for today, I am savoring what I see already.  And one of the things I’m “seeing” is God moving in my son’s life and heart in a way that just blows me away.  This week I’m posting a recent poem he wrote so you can have a little glimpse of what I have been  blessed to watch unfold in his life.

Here it is:

Do You See Him?
by Justin Powell
Do you see Him?
The stars declaring an endless glory
The rays of light streaming through the clouds from the sun
A rainbow after a storm
A full moon at night before morning is born
Do you hear Him?
The wind rustling by
Birds chirping singing a song of praise
The stillness in the night
The crumple of a tree branch and leaves falling in flight
Do you feel Him?
A presence overwhelming
A feeling of belonging and knowing you are home
A touch to your heart where no one else can reach
A restoration of connection to an undeserved grace
Do you know Him?
For He knows you
The soft voice from within saying,
“I love you, I hear you and I’ll never let go”

Sometimes you do have to believe before you see. But if you do believe, eventually you will  see …

Because he loves you. He hears you. And he’ll never let go.

Do you see him?

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