The Beauty of His Peace (a.k.a.Today, Pt. 2)

I’m sitting here with the seeds of  a zillion ideas stirring within me.  But I keep being distracted from my many swirling thoughts.

I’m being distracted by the present.

It’s just too beautiful outside to think about tomorrow. I’m much too distracted by today.

Sometimes God gets on “themes” in my life.   Well, the current theme for me (and I suspect for many others) –is to live right here, right now.  It is good to plan for tomorrow–but I need to live in today.

As I’m writing these words, I hear the soothing sound of the breeze gently blowing through the trees.  Now and again, the wind carries the sound of children playing happily just down the street.  There is the hum of the occasional car rolling purposefully down the road. There is a lone bird chirping–singing sweet songs of praise to its Maker–right outside my window.  But more than all of these things  …

There is peace. There is stillness.  There is quiet. Today, there is quiet on the outside, and–more importantly–there is quiet inside my soul.

It’s been a season of turmoil. A season of way too much trauma and way too much drama. Sometimes it simply can’t be avoided.  Why are we ever surprised? Jesus assured us that times of trial and tribulation would be the reality of our lives on a restless planet. 

But he also promised another reality.  A higher and greater reality that trumps “reality” on this planet …

The reality of the kingdom of God. 

I’m merely passing through this restless earth–my citizenship is in heaven.  I am the subject of, and an ambassador for, another kingdom.  His kingdom.  And life in his kingdom is always characterized by righteousness,  joy …

And peace.

Today, my spirit is like a dry, thirsty sponge–desperately–hungrily– greedily–soaking up the reality of his kingdom.

I wish I could stay here all the time.  But I know I probably won’t. I’m growing.  I’m learning.  But I’m not there yet. 

I’m not there–but I am here.   I’m here, today.  And here, today …

There is peace. 

Thank you, sweet Jesus, for the beauty of your peace.

2 thoughts on “The Beauty of His Peace (a.k.a.Today, Pt. 2)

  1. This is where God has me too! Sitting still in the peace of today. Trying despratly to trust him with the future. And he’s giving me the peace I need! Thank you for your message!


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