You Know Me

Often what we think we need, isn’t what we need. Often what we think is broken, isn’t what is broken.  And often what we think will bring healing, isn’t what brings healing.  In those times, I am so grateful for a loving Father who knows me so much better than I know myself.

I was sitting in the prayer room at IHOP yesterday, asking the Lord to touch a place in my heart I knew only he could reach.  He did.  And, as is almost always the case, what I needed wasn’t what I thought I needed.  As he ministered directly to my true need, I realized–yet again–that he knows me.  I mean, he really knows me.  I started praying, then I started writing what I was praying, and this is what came out.  Not at all polished.  Not even sure it flows, but it’s what was on my heart (with a little help from Psalm 139 ) …

Before the foundations of the earth
You called me
Before you formed me in my mother’s womb
You knew me
You saw my substance when it was yet unformed
You saw all the days of my life before one of them came to be
Before I took my first breath–
You knew my name
You saw my face
You knew my heart
You saw the day I’d choose you
You always knew I’d choose you
So you chose me first
My name is forever engraved upon your heart
My name is carved into your hands
I’ve always been yours
I’ll always be yours
Forever and always–
I am yours
Where can go from your Spirit?
Where can I flee from your presence?
I’ll never escape your watchful gaze
I’m never out of your sight
And I’m never out of your thoughts
You’ve searched me and you know me
You’re familiar with all my ways
Yet you love me
More than words can express
Beyond my ability to comprehend
You love me
You know me and you love me
You’ve always known me
You’ve always loved me
And you always will
Lord,  I’ll never fully comprehend the miraculous beauty of your love. You see what no one else can see. You do what no one else can do.  You know me so much better than I know myself. Even when I feel like I have no voice and have absolutely no energy to try to explain how I feel or where I’m at, you already know and  you hear my unspoken desires.  You KNOW me.  You know what I need, you know what I desire, you know the deepest longings of my heart.  You know me and you love me.  And I’m thankful.    ~Amen

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