Lessons Learned Under the Umbrella of Grace

“Thankfully, there is one other possibility, and that is that God has actually given you a supernatural grace to live opposite your circumstances. Have you experienced this type of grace from God that allows you to live in the peace of knowing you are obeying Him, even when those around you don’t understand?” -Bill Johnson … More Lessons Learned Under the Umbrella of Grace

To Whom Shall I Go?

I’m still here, Lord. I’m still here with You. I’m still here waiting with You. I’m still here waiting for You. You already know this, but I’m not going anywhere. Whether You come through as I’ve believed–or even as I believe You’ve promised–I’m not going anywhere. To whom shall I go? You hold my heart in … More To Whom Shall I Go?

Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)

He takes my breath away. No really, he does. Sometimes, when I glimpse his face … the intensity of his gaze … penetrating with truth … yet filled with such merciful kindness … and such unfathomable love … I simply forget to breathe. (And it’s a good thing.) I’m in awe of him. I’m undone in his presence … And … More Forgetting to Breathe (And it’s a Good Thing)

When Normal is Over

“For you, normal would be a tragic loss of potential.” The words came from a strange source–a television show I had never seen before–but I knew their true Source. I had been musing about what it would be like to embrace a nice “normal” life. You know–be content with a nice little job, a nice little … More When Normal is Over

Worth the Wait

Walk with me, beloved. I took his hand and we began walking down a brightly lit corridor.  Almost immediately, I saw a large red door.  This must be it!  The door he promised to open for me! I stood waiting with anticipation.  I just knew that door would open any minute … It didn’t.  I … More Worth the Wait

My Soul Waits

I’ve been meditating on the “psalms of ascent” a lot lately (Psalms 120-134) – and these past few days in the prayer room at IHOP, I’ve particularly been parked on Psalms 130 and 131  –  especially Psalm 131:2 “But I have stilled and quieted my soul, like a weaned child with its mother, like a … More My Soul Waits