You are the LION of the tribe of Judah You are the One who ROARS You roar in the face of my foes You roar over my feeble fears–and release power, courage, and hope You roar to set me free You are the One who roars for me when I can’t find my voice Your … More ROAR

Monday Morning Musings: “Be-Loved, week 4”

Triumph! Now we’re getting somewhere. Who doesn’t love the big triumphant finish? Everyone loves to see the answer to their prayers—especially when the answer has been a long time in coming. Long awaited victories are defining moments for all of us. Previously, we’ve looked at the opportunities to lean into God’s heart during times of … More Monday Morning Musings: “Be-Loved, week 4”

Choose Your Battle

No, that’s not a typo. I didn’t mean to say choose your battles. Choose your battle. Choose your battle carefully. Choose your battle wisely. Because the battle isn’t  … Against ungodly governments or legislation Against corrupt leaders and officials Or even against bullies, murderers, and terrorists The battle isn’t … Against that person with whom … More Choose Your Battle