The Key to His Heart Kindle Version FREE for 48 hours

I’m excited to announce that the Kindle version of the The Key to His Heart will be absolutely FREE for 48 hours beginning 12:01am Saturday, October 20th through midnight Sunday, October 21st!!! Just click this link on the 20th or 21st and start downloading!

The book is very devotional in style and, at its simplest essence, is intended to stir hunger in the hearts of those desiring a deeper revelation of God’s heart. Even if you don’t have a Kindle, you can download a Kindle app for iPhone, iPad, PC, etc.  If you haven’t read the book, this is a great way to check it out without spending a dime!

I’ve been very encouraged by some great feedback from folks who have had the opportunity to read the book (there are a few reviews you can check out here), but one of the biggest challenges in publishing a book independently is actually getting people to read it. I know I always have a stack of books waiting for me that I haven’t yet had the opportunity to read, so I certainly understand not wanting to spend money to add to the pile–especially for a book from an unknown author. But this is a great, no-risk opportunity to download the book now and read it whenever you do have the chance.

I would be so grateful if you would be willing to share this information anywhere people may be blessed by it. I appreciate any and all help in spreading the word! Also, if you do happen to read the book and it ministers to you in some way, I would be so appreciative if you would consider writing a review on Amazon.

Thanks for allowing me to depart from the usual “flow” of my blog to share this info with you!

Blessings and joy,
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