In the Cleft of the Rock

“O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, In the secret places of the cliff, Let me see your face, Let me hear your voice; For your voice is sweet, And your face is lovely.” -Song of Solomon 2:14

I have a confession to make. Right now, I really don’t want to write about this passage—I just want to be in it. I want to rest in it. I want to hide in Him. I want to explore the secret of the stairs (see Song of Songs 2:14 in The Passion Translation). I want to climb higher. I want to sink deeper. I want to lift my face to Him and forget everything else. I want to sing a love song to Him and listen as He sings His own over me.

He likes that… a lot.  So do I.  But sometimes I forget how much life I find hidden in Him.  Sometimes, I get caught up in the urgency of the hour. Sometimes, I get caught up in the heaviness. Sometimes, I give in to fear. Sometimes, I forget that He is my refuge and strength.

But He never forgets. He is always wooing me back. I was surprised yesterday when this was the verse He brought to mind. I hadn’t thought of it in ages. Apparently, He knew I needed to think of it again. Actually, He knew I needed to do more than that…

I needed to live in it again.

Along the way, a funny thing happened. I had this moment—a blissfully long and beautiful moment—where I completely forgot. I forgot why my heart has been so heavy. I forgot how hard things have been. I literally couldn’t think of a single reason why my heart should be in any state other than perfect peace.

Beloved, that IS our reality in Him—always. He has already hidden us within Himself.  We may live unaware of that reality, but our lack of present-tense awareness never changes truth—it only changes our experience. But when we ARE able to live within Truth we find not just peace … but hope … protection … shelter … comfort … wisdom … provision … joy …

And love. So, so, so much love.

The hard things, the heavy things—they are still there. I still need to walk through them. Chances are, you do too. But we are not walking alone. We are not without resources. We are not without strength. He IS our ever-present help in time of need.

I once heard Graham Cooke say something like this (not a direct quote but as best as I can recall): Interrogate every difficulty until you find out why it came, and don’t let go until it blesses you.

The things we are walking through right now DO have a blessing hidden within them—even in the areas of deepest fear and pain.  Could it be that the very best way to find and lay hold of that blessing—really the only way—is by resting in the cleft of the Rock?

Do YOU hear His call? O my dove, in the clefts of the rock, in the secret places of the cliffs, let Me see your face. Let Me hear your voice …

Go ahead—look up now. He’s longing to see your face.

Jesus, may our heart’s desire be to satisfy the longing of Your heart. When you say, “seek My face” may our immediate and whole-hearted response be, “Your face, O Lord, I will seek!” Hide me in the cleft of the rocks, Lord. Hide me in Your heart. Shelter me in Your love. And from that secure place of intimate communion and perfect peace, strengthen my heart for all that is before me. I long for the grace to trust You, Jesus, in every season—that I might face ALL of life with a song of love and thanksgiving in my heart. ~Amen

I hear Him saying: My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

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