Held by Eternity

I have a lot on my mind. There is much I’m chewing on and pondering. I have a lot of questions.

Maybe you do, too.

But when I’m in that place…that place where nothing makes sense…that place where I feel like I need answers…I need wisdom…I need direction…I need the next steps…I need to know what to do…

I know that what I really need …

Is Him.

So I come. I come just as I am. I come with my brokenness. I come with my weariness. I come with my confusion. I come with my questions.

I come with my big ol’ “list.”

And when I do, the same thing seems to happen over and over again…

One glance from His eyes…one glimpse of His face…one touch of His hand…

And I melt. I melt into His arms. I melt into peace. I melt into an unfathomable depth of security and love.

Then my big ol’ list falls to the ground. Honestly, I have a hard time even remembering my questions at that point, let alone actually seeking Him for specific answers.

Because when you’re held by eternity…the temporal doesn’t seem quite as important.

In the light of heaven…in the light of His glory…in the light of His face…all lesser pursuits fade. And you know, you just know, there are answers for everything. Some of those answers will come right away, often while you’re still peacefully resting in His presence. Others won’t come until we reach the other side forever.

But they will come.

He will make the wrong things right. He will make all things new. He will redeem. He will restore. Some here. Some there. But He will be faithful.

Because it’s who He is. Because it’s what He does. Because He already won. Because He’s already made the way.

But in the meantime, we can be confident He’ll provide everything we need here and now.

Including the grace to let go of our many questions–for just a moment–to rest in the arms of eternity.

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