Advancing Upward

Art by Aeron Brown

Yet loud in my soul
Yet fully in motion
Yet fully awake

It’s a strange place of paradox
This place of in-between
This place of now and not yet
But in this place
Your glance reassures me
Your presence stirs me
And propels me forward

So I’m waiting
And I’m occupying
Advancing upward
As I war from rest
Knowing I already possess
All that I wait for

I found this little ditty in my journal from last year. Although the season has definitely shifted and I don’t feel quite as “in-between” as I did when I wrote the words, so much of this is applicable in any season.

Until we stand before Him face-to-face, there will always be much we wait on. And yet we already have everything we desire to possess. That knowledge is the place of rest from which we “war”most effectively. Although we don’t war against flesh and blood, make no mistake about it,  in an unseen realm, we ARE at war. We war to apprehend the reality of a victory that has already been won.

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a massive shaking happening all over the place. I believe the shaking has caused many to  switch from a posture of defense, as in “I’m going to do what I can to stay safe and hold onto my little corner of the world,” to a posture of offense, as in “I’m going to proactively go out and take the land God has given us” (for more read last week’s post “More Than Conquerors” here). That shift does not take place without a very real battle.

Shaking is painful, but it’s good. Waking up to our true identity in Christ  is essential. Laying hold of the wonders of His goodness for ourselves and for others is one of the main reasons we breathe.

So let Him wake you up. Let Him shake you up.  Let Him shake you out of mindsets that may be holding you back and keeping  you bound. And let’s advance upward into all God has for us.


Aeron did this painting live during worship at his church a few weeks ago. I was captivated by it when I first saw it because I think it is such a great visual of what is happening for many in the body of Christ. We are living in challenging, but exceptionally exciting times. Time to advance upward!


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