From His Heart to Yours: March 17, 2017

Love LetterSo do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded. —Hebrews 10:35

I am the Promise Giver, and I am the Promise Keeper. I see you growing anxious and searching for someone, anyone, who will continue to confirm the promises I have spoken over your life. But beloved, isn’t enough that I have spoken? My word has spoken. And what I have spoken, I will do.

Many times I will send My people to confirm a word over your life, and many times I bring My body around you to offer great encouragement. But there are times you need to choose to believe even in the absence of any significant encouragement. There are times you need to decide what you really believe—what you believe about Me, and what you believe about My intentions toward you.

You hear My voice, beloved. You’ve heard My heart for you. You’ve heard the sweet whispers of My love and encouragement—directly from My heart to your own. While I love to see My children encourage each other in love, there are times I reserve that privilege for Myself. There are things I want to speak to you personally. I want to experience the joy of your deepened trust in Me. And as you learn to trust, I want to build your confidence—confidence in who you already know I’ve called and created you to be.

I will never fail you, beloved. I keep My promises. So hold onto your confidence—it will be richly rewarded.


In seasons of uncertainty, have you ever turned to a friend, or mentor, or even a greatly respected spiritual leader,  hoping for the perfect encouraging word to jump-start your lagging faith? Often God does encourage us in this way and it is a marvelous expression of the Body of Christ building each other up in love. But there are other timessometimes even during our most difficult seasons of testingwhen it seems like there is nothing but crickets when you’re aching for that little nugget of encouragement. Or worse, you turn to someone you think will understand, and they actually make you feel worse. It’s not that they don’t care, or don’t want to help, but sometimes God simply hasn’t given them the revelation to speak accurately into your current situation.

When you find yourself in this situation, it is usually because there is something else going on beneath the surface. And that “something else”—just might be God nudging you along into a place of deeper trust and confidence.  Hang on to what you know to be true, my friend, because He will never fail you.


Father, thank You for your faithfulness and for giving me opportunities to trust You! Help me to remember who You are and all that You’ve promised. And, especially, please help me to hold onto my confidence in You.   ~Amen.



This is an excerpt from my recently released devotional, Love Letters: From His Heart to Yours, now available on Amazon. For other samples click here.

5 thoughts on “From His Heart to Yours: March 17, 2017

  1. “When you find yourself in this situation, it is usually because there is something else going on beneath the surface. And that “something else”—just might be God nudging you along into a place of deeper trust and confidence.”

    Amen. So good! That’s been it so many times I can’t even count. Now I just stop and ask God what is going on instead of why it’s going on. I found it to be a much productive experience.

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  2. Ha ha, it seems like trust is always a more productive way to go, isn’t it? So often anymore when I catch myself making a mental list of all the things I think I need, I’ll take a deep breath and simply ask for the grace to trust Him more. That usually gives me the reset I need to be able to focus on what is really going on. Blessings to you Mel!


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