New Wine

God threw a party in L.A. on Saturday.

Honestly, I didn’t care that much about what did or didn’t happen. I didn’t care that much about what I did or didn’t see. I didn’t even care that much about what I did or didn’t feel. I just knew that God was compelling me to go.

So I went.

And I still don’t really know what to say about it all. But that’s a good thing. It’s a good thing because I like it when He leaves me just a little speechless. Just a little astounded.

Just a little amazed.

I can’t even tell you exactly why I’m so amazed. All I know is that I’ve heard something -I’ve seen something – I’ve felt something with my spiritual senses that I cannot deny.

I can’t deny it, but I also can’t really define it. I can’t define it because it’s something I’ve never tasted before.

I haven’t tasted it before, because God is serving up some new wine.

Sure, some of us still carry some old wineskins, but that’s okay. We’re still welcomed. We’re still embraced. We’re still loved. But eventually those old wineskins will burst because they won’t be able to hold what God is pouring out. When that happens, we all have a choice. Get new wineskins … or go without any wine.

I vote for new wineskins.

I know lots of folks are praying for revival. Lots of folks are praying for God to “do it again.” I think that’s great. But I want even more. I don’t just want God to do it again, I want Him to do something He’s never done. I don’t just want revival, I want reformation. 

Ongoing. Widespread. Beyond our wildest hopes or dreams.

And since that is something we’ve never experienced, we don’t know exactly what it will look like.

At least not yet. 

It rained off and on throughout the day on Saturday. Not a super common occurrence in drought stricken So Cal–especially in April. Lots of folks were praying for the rain to be held back or pushed away–just for the event. As I was taking my little plastic poncho off and on through out the day, I found myself praying the same prayers.

Until He stopped me.

We asked for the rain. We asked for it in the natural and we asked for it in the spiritual. He was answering our prayers. But on that particular day the rain was inconvenient and it didn’t fit our grid of how the day should go. What seemed inconvenient–or even a bit disappointing–was actually perfect. Because He is perfect in all His ways.

We just need to get on board with His ways.

I think we’re starting to figure that out. I think we’re starting to get it. I think we’re starting to really see and hear with our spiritual senses.

I think we’re finally starting to know His heart. 

And that is why I’m so excited.

On Saturday, I felt sort of like Simeon and Anna must have felt when they were drawn by the Spirit to the temple to see Jesus as a baby. In the natural they just saw a baby–but their hearts knew they were seeing the beginning of the beginning of what they had prayed and waited a lifetime to see.

My natural eyes saw some good stuff. In fact, some amazing stuff. Like a man who got up out of a wheelchair for starters. Trust  me, this was no big flashy thing for effect. A group of kids persistently prayed for him for a good 45 minutes  to an hour before he got up and took his first tentative steps–but then he got stronger and stronger as he kept walking. And they kept right on praying. They must have surrounded him and continued to pray for a good two hours afterwards. So, yeah, that was cool.

As awesome as that was (and in case I’m not making it clear–it was AWESOME!!! ) it was just a tiny token of what I’ve been praying and waiting nearly a lifetime to see.

I want everything God has for us. All of it. Even if I don’t see everything I want to see right now. Even if I don’t have a box or a grid for the things I’m sensing in my own heart. Even if the whole process is a bit inconvenient and messy while we’re learning His ways.

Even if it means we need to go through the stretching process of developing some brand new wineskins. Because one thing I do know for sure …

God is pouring out some amazing new wine. 

And I don’t want to miss it.

2 thoughts on “New Wine

  1. “In the natural they just saw a baby–but their hearts knew they were seeing the beginning of the beginning of what they had prayed and waited a lifetime to see.”

    Amen! I also sensed a Simeon and Anna moment. What’s ironic is that what we’ve been waiting for often comes in ways we don’t expect. Mostly, because we don’t have a grid for it yet. As Jesus said about the new wine, at first people prefer the old. But if we’re open to it, we see what’s happening. We might even be able to put words to it after the “baby” grows a little. 🙂 For instance, the Jesus Movement was birthed in 1967, but it wasn’t until the early 70’s that people could identify what it actually was. I think we’re in a new “1967” now.

    I watched Azusa Now with GodTV on in the background as I was working on other stuff throughout the day. Would tune in from time to time and get whacked all over again! Clearly, something new is being birthed from the old.
    I pick the new, too! More, Lord!


    1. “What’s ironic is that what we’ve been waiting for often comes in ways we don’t expect” Isn’t that the truth! That’s why the rain was such a perfect reminder. Doesn’t always fit our grid, but fits perfectly into His. I am still just in awe, yet so hard-pressed to say exactly why. I’m glad you got to tune in (and join in) throughout the day. I think a lot of folks did and many of us “saw” the same things. Even though a lot of it looked like the “old” thing, there WAS something very different in the atmosphere. Here’s to that “baby” growing up to be all it is intended to be … and our understanding growing right along with it. Blessings to you, Mel. 🙂

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