I feel small
So very, very small
So very small in this new season
So very small in wisdom
So very small in understanding
So very small in ability
Sometimes even so very small in trust
But like a small child holding onto her daddy’s hand
My hand is held firmly in Yours
Yes, I’m small
Yes, I’m weak
But You are immeasurably strong
You’re strong in me
You’re strong through me
You’re strong for me
Your wisdom is vast and unsearchable
Your understanding is infinite
And You are always able ~
in any and all circimstances
So though I feel small
So very, very small
I am safe
I am confident
I am able
Because I am Yours
And You’ll never let go of my hand


I am still in Israel as I write this but will be heading back to Cali in a few days. The picture in this post was taken in a town in the Judean Hills (Abu Ghosh) – truly the heavens do declare His glory. Though we are so very small in light of His majesty, Christ in us IS the hope of glory!

6 thoughts on “Small

  1. Thank you for words come down from the Father’s heart. Speaking of small; I was reminded while reading your post; not only how small we are; but Just how little control we have in this life. I mean when I think about it; I mean really consider this, even after seeing unusual sightings in our skies in the last week. I can’t help but lift my hands and say Hallelujah! 💆🏻Father God You’ve got this world in Your hands….the good,the bad, all of it. I’m just blessed for your post that comforts me not to worry or fret because we have the Lion of Judah on our side. God bless Israel; God bless Your people! Amen🙏. Safe return be with you my sister friend and all who travel with you. Love and Hugs always, Juanita Pita


  2. Ha…we’re definitely on the same page here. I just posted something about this, how we comprehend an incompressible God. Talk about small! Yet, as you said, we’re His, and we’re the object of His deepest affections, His thoughts toward us are more than the sand! Tilt!!!
    Loved the beautiful poem! Enjoy the rest of your adventure into God’s wonder in Israel. Blessings.


    1. Thank you Mel. The trip has been awesome! Quite the journey – learning to “comprehend the incomprehensible” – that really does make us see just how small we really are (yet huge in His heart)! Looking forward to checking out your post!


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