The Substance of Grace

Have you ever noticed a disconnect between the things you say you believe and what you consistently live?

Me too.

Although I have always had a very high value for  authenticity and tend to be very transparent about my own weaknesses and struggles, there are many values and beliefs I hold dear in my heart that do not (yet) seem to be consistently manifested in the reality of my life. I desperately want to live the substance of my words. Really, I want to live what I say I believe.

Fortunately, while I’m still working things out (sometimes, like the Apostle Paul, with “fear and trembling”) I can rest in the very real substance of grace. Because even though I’m working things out on this side, from Heaven’s perspective, it’s already finished. And for that, I am so very, very grateful.

I started pondering this concept over on the Live Brave blog today with this post on the Substance of Grace.

May your heart be strengthened again today in His might grip of grace!

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