Have you ever heard something–a thought, or maybe even just a word–that instantly lodges itself into the deep, subterranean places of your heart? Something that hits your spirit and sticks with you in a way that is far beyond mere words? Something that unlocks a new glimpse of heaven’s heartbeat ? Something that provokes you to examine a familiar concept in a brand new way?

I had one of those moments awhile back when I first I heard Steffany Frizzell’s simple yet hauntingly beautiful song “He Knows Me.”  The song ends with an unexpected and almost startling thought. Three little words that almost cause my heart to skip a beat:

You memorize me. 

He’s memorized me. The King of the Universe not only knows me–he’s memorized me. He knows me by heart. Every nuance. Every detail. Every single thing about me …

He’s memorized me.

He knows when I stand and when I fall. He knows every word I’ll speak before they’re even formed in my consciousness. He committed every moment of my life to memory before I took a single breath.

He’s memorized me. 

Before anything unexpected happens in my life, he already knows. He doesn’t have to wonder how I’ll respond. He doesn’t have to spend a bit of time brushing up on my background and history in heaven’s library. He doesn’t have to send a few angels out to do some research to figure out how to proceed. He already knows. He already knows everything about me.

He’s memorized me.

He knows me by heart.  In fact, he holds my very heart in his hands. He knows me–in the most complete and intimate way possible. Nothing is hidden. Nothing shocks him. Nothing pushes him away. I’m always before him. I’m never out of his sight.

He’s memorized you, too. 

He knows you by heart. He really, really knows you. And he’s glad. You make his heart happy. You bring him great delight. No matter how far you have to go. No matter how often you miss the mark. He already knows. He already saw it all. He still chose you. He still chooses you right now.

And he still chose to memorize you. 

Think of it–not only does he never forget you, he never forgets a single thing about you. He’s committed you to memory. You’re always on his heart. You’re always on his mind.

And you always will be. Because …

He’s memorized you.

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