From His Heart to Yours: 8/2/013

A bruised reed he will not break; a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness, he will bring justice. —Isaiah 42:3

I see you, little one, I see you. I know your heartache. I’ve felt your pain. I know the injustices you’ve suffered at the hands of others. As you’ve wept, I’ve wept with you. Not a single tear has escaped my notice. Through the dark and lonely nights—when you could not feel My Presence—I was there. Unseen arms held you close through the darkest hours of the night. I have never been against you—I am always for you. Though you felt abandoned, I never left your side. For a moment—just a moment—you lost sight of Me, but I have never taken My eyes off of you. I know the night has been long, but it is coming to an end. The hope of a new day is on the horizon! The sun is rising—and you, too, will rise. You have waited and you have endurednow you will arise. You will soar above the battle on the wings of eagles. The heights of your victory will be far greater than the depths of your despair. This is not an end, it is a beginning. Your future is bright with promise! Hand-in-hand, we will walk into the future together. And I promise to never leave your side.  Ever. 


There is no compassion greater than the compassion of our God. No one has a greater understanding of heartache, rejection, suffering and loss than our Savior.  He will never kick us while we’re down. He will nevereverexploit our vulnerability. He “gets” it.  He gets us. He knows when we’re weak and weary. He knows when we feel like we can’t take another step. We don’t have to pretend to have it more together than we really do—He already sees the truth. But He also sees the end from the beginning and He knows that no night lasts forever. The sun will rise. Hope will rise.  And joy will come in the morning.

Lord, thank You for new days, new seasons, and the promise of new life!


I posted the first of these “Love Letters” a few months back (you can read it here). Kind of forgot about them until a recent comment reminded me. For now, I’ve  decided to post one at the beginning of each month. Blessings! 

10 thoughts on “From His Heart to Yours: 8/2/013

    1. Thanks Laura 🙂 Hugs to you {{{{{Laura}}}}} Did you feel my cyber hug? I have to settle for that for now since I didn’t get a chance to hug you in person last time I saw you!


    1. I’m good, Joy. Really been praying for you and glad to hear there is good news in Malawi. I could possibly Skype tomorrow but it would be rather late your time. I’ll text you to see if we can arrange. Love and prayers to you~


  1. Dear Father God, thank you for these words that You have many times and in many ways whispered in my most darkest hours and in my most intimate times with you. You comforted me with deeper understanding than anyone could ever understand. Because You have been so faithful to me in it and through it all. I’m always so sweetly drawn back to You, and Your always there waiting for me. Truly there is no other that I have known on this earth like the One who suffered for us to the point of death so that He could sympathize with us, Jesus, truly no dark place I’ve been in that you have not gone deeper. I love you. Cindy, thank you for sharing the Father’s heart. This moved me to tears because it is so true. If it weren’t for the Lord, where would we be? ~Freality is my Reality~ xoxo to you my friend.


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