Monday Morning Musings: The Voice

My sheep hear My voice. —John 10:27 (NKJV)

One of a seemingly endless stream of current TV talent shows is called “The Voice.” The focus of this particular show is narrow–they’re not looking for a variety of gifts and abilities–they are looking exclusively for vocal ability. They are looking for “the voice.”

But no matter how talented the contestants on that show may be, none of them will ever be the Voice.

Because that role has already been taken.

The Voice spoke this world into existence (Gen.1).

The Voice commands the dawn and tells the ocean’s proud waves where to stop (Job 38).

The Voice is powerful and majestic, the Voice breaks the cedars and thunders over the mighty waters (Psalm 29).

Yet this strong and powerful Voice is also tender and merciful.

Sometimes the Voice is still and small … no more than a gentle whisper.

Sometimes the Voice is playful and joyous … rejoicing over you with singing.

And always the Voice is knowable. “I know my sheep and my sheep know me” (John 10:14).

However he speaks, the Voice is filled with life. There has always been, and there will always be, life in his Voice. Even when he says hard things (and sometimes he does) the Voice is filled with  … grace … redemption … freedom …

And hope.

In fact, that’s one of the ways you can know you’re really hearing the Voice. The Voice never condemns … never shames … never pushes away 

The Voice is always filled with hope and life.  

And those who belong to him—they hear him.

They hear the Voice.

Lord, Thank you for your voice. Your voice is like no other–there is only hope, only truth, only life in your voice. Open our ears Lord; open our hearts–that we might truly hear you; that we might truly hear the Voice. ~Amen.

4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Musings: The Voice

  1. I hear God on an almost constant basis through the voice of the Holy Spirit living inside me. I live a like of addiction abstinence and I need to hear God’s loving voice almost every minute 24/7 to maintain my sanity. I’m a horrible, horrible addict but have been kept sober by the love of God through the voice of the Holy Spirit since 1980; almost 33 years now. But I still need to hear that voice of love minute by minute, even up to today.
    I recognize His voice by the tone and timber of it now. Just like I recognize the voice of my sister by the tone and timber of hers. I have heard the voice of demons too and have come to recognize them by the tone and timber as well – and what they say to me and try to get me to do. One time I heard a demon’s voice tell me over and over again to “Get a gun and shoot yourself in the head!!” I didn’t do it. Instead, I ran to another Christian to sit with me and help me through it until I came back to God again. I just want you to know that if you continue to ignore a demon’s voice that they will give up eventually and leave you alone. Where was God’s voice when I was going through that? I don’t know. Maybe that’s why God gave us other loving brothers and sisters in Christ; to speak God’s loving voice to us when we are in a place where we can’t hear Him directly.
    robin claire


    1. So glad he has taught you to listen to the truth of his words, Robin. Grateful also that his Voice comes in many ways–often through our brothers and sisters 🙂 Blessings to you!


  2. I have thought about the voice of the Lord each and every time I see that show listed on my tv listings. Excellent write up, Cindy. I laughed as I read it for my reading today was in John and I meditated on how knowable His voice is to His sheep. Such confirmation that we are hearing Him. I love your heart. Keep up the encouraging words!


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