Emerge and Converge

Surely the Sovereign LORD does nothing without revealing his plan to his servants the prophets. –Amos 3:7 

We know in part and we prophesy in part. 1 Cor. 13:9 

Your plans are emerging.

We see, yet we don’t.
We know, but not in full.
Unveiling and unfolding;
Revealing and beholding.
The unseen, will be seen.
The unknown, will be known.
Mysteries of the night;
Revealed in the Light. 

Our faith will become sight 

As your plans emerge. 

“Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.–Matt. 6:10 

To bring all things in heaven and on earth together under one head, even Christ. –Eph 1:10 

Your purposes are converging. 

Unique, yet united.
Though many, we are one.
Hearts now stirred;
Our destinies are merged.
Sanctified by truth;
Our minds are renewed.
Holy alliances formed;
Divine alignment forged. 

Your will at last performed… 

As your purposes converge 

Your plans are emerging and your purposes are converging.
Lord, may we see the fullness of your hearts’ desire
Revealed and released
In this generation
On earth as it is in heaven!

2 thoughts on “Emerge and Converge

  1. So very interesting you would post on this topic TODAY. I was locking a puzzle piece into place this morning when I got this thought, “This is like your plans, Lord. You see the whole picture, yet we see merely a small part. ” My prayer was then that He show me the bigger picture. So we are hearing Holy Spirit, Cindy. BTW, excellent poetry … love it!


    1. Thanks Kate 🙂 Isn’t it funny that no matter how much he reveals and how closely we pay attention, his plans still end up looking different than we expect? I guess that is part of the fun of the unveiling and unfolding!


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