In Your Eyes

In Your eyes
I see the love that died for me
A burning passion that never has
and never will
Piercing my soul and bringing light
to the darkest corners of my heart
Love that burns through me
Mercy that surrounds me
Joy that fills me
Lost forever in unending pools of life
In Your eyes
I see light that shines brighter than the noonday sun in a cloudless sky
Brighter than the most dazzling of stars on a moonlit night
The brightest galaxy is only a dim reflection of the marvelous light
In Your eyes
I’m loved
I’m cherished
I’m adored
Marked forever as Yours
Held by Your unrelenting gaze
My heart branded by the fire of Your jealous jealousy
Ruined for all lesser loves
Each and every time
I find myself again
In Your eyes

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