True Freedom

Sometimes freedom looks like exuberance–whooping, hollering, and dancing wildly Other times freedom looks like quiet stillness–the complete absence of striving, with no need to prove anything to anyone Sometimes freedom looks like laughing Sometimes freedom looks like crying Sometimes freedom looks like permission to feel nothing at all Sometimes freedom looks effortless Other times freedom … More True Freedom


Image is powerful. Ask any advertising executive. A carefully cultivated image can make or break a product. Image can make or break an organization. Image can even make or break an individual. But there is one image we should be concerned with above all others… The fact that we are made in the image of … More Image

One Voice

To our God we lift up one voice …With one heart …One mind …And one accord We worship One God …With one purpose …One passion …And one desire This has been my dream for as long as I can remember. Because this has been His dream since before time began.  I’ve had glimpses of the fulfillment … More One Voice

Seeing the Unseen

This post probably isn’t about what you might think it is about. I’ve actually started it several times.  I haven’t had the nerve to finish it and post it. I don’t know if I will this time either, but it won’t go away. So here I am yet again. If you’re reading this, well, I guess … More Seeing the Unseen

The Golden Ticket

Last week I posted the following status update on my Facebook page: “Cindy wants to say things she shouldn’t – so instead I’m going to take a nap.”  I did take a nap and it helped.  Nothing like a quick little rest on a Sunday afternoon to press the reset button on my attitude!  But even though my attitude … More The Golden Ticket