Prayer Trips

I love to pray. It’s sort of like breathing to me.

And I really love to worship the One who gives me breath.

I also really love the nations of the earth–because He does.

So what could be better than visiting many of the people and places around the world that He loves so very much with the express purpose of releasing His presence through prayer and worship?  To me, not much!

I’ve always looked at my role in missions a bit differently than what might be considered typical. Rather than being the one who goes in to plant, water, or reap the harvest, I’ve always focused more on going in under the radar to  prepare the way in prayer. Whether it’s worshiping in the middle of the red light districts of SE Asia, or making declarations of love and freedom in some of the most religious areas of Israel, or by providing encouragement to both expat and nationals who serve long term in difficult areas by simply declaring the Father’s heart over them, my heart has always been to help soften the ground for others through worship and prayer.

I have long term roots in both Israel and SE Asia so most of my trips are to one of these areas. If you have interest in participating in a prayer trip to either of these areas, there is a contact form on each of those pages.

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