Quiet Invitations

95ead342-7016-4452-9ad6-40bae18a45b4The invitation was quiet.

It was so quiet I could have easily missed it. I walked downstairs for coffee and intended to take it back upstairs to my little prayer corner—a frequent morning routine. But there, standing in the middle of my kitchen, I felt a faint but distinct shift in the atmosphere.

I stood there silently for a moment. I didn’t hear anything. There was no sudden overwhelming sense of His presence. But a gentle longing began to bubble up in my soul. I started to sing quietly in the spirit. Before I knew it, I was face-to-face and heart-to-heart with Jesus, dancing in my kitchen.  

It didn’t last long. Maybe ten, fifteen minutes tops. But they were minutes overflowing with life.

I could have just as easily brushed that quiet nudge aside. Or I could have rushed through to carry out my original plan—rationalizing that it wouldn’t hurt to wait a few more minutes to connect with Him. After all, I was heading into prayer to spend time with Jesus anyway. But apparently He wanted a morning dance in the kitchen. Turns out that was what I wanted—and needed—too. Funny how that works. 

Why is this important? Why bother sharing such a personal experience? 

Because we are at a moment in history where the ability to discern His quiet invitations is vitally important. 

In Exodus 3, God appeared to Moses in a burning bush. I think we typically imagine that entire scene as a profound and miraculous encounter. And surely it was! But what if it didn’t start out that way? What if the initial invitation was faint? Quiet? What if the invitation to start out toward Sinai, the Mountain of God—was easy to miss?  What if even the spectacle of the burning bush wasn’t all that spectacular at first glance? I’m not saying this was the case, just pondering. What I do know is this: It was only AFTER Moses stopped to take a closer look that God spoke. Think of it, this single encounter with heaven was the catalyst for the entire exodus and deliverance of the Jewish people. What would have happened if Moses hadn’t taken the time to stop and look? 

Of course, God will always accomplish His purposes one way or another. If we say no, He’ll ask again. Or eventually ask another. He WILL do what He intends to do—this much is clear throughout Scripture. But it is also clear throughout Scripture that He seeks our partnership and participation. He doesn’t need it—He wants it. So much so that He will rarely move without it. 

Beloved, there are a whole lot of folks, even entire nations, in need of an exodus out of bondage right now.

What if the catalyst for their deliverance starts with accepting a very quiet invitation to a morning dance in the kitchen?

The burning bush did start the entire exodus from Egypt, but it was also the start of something much more personal to Moses—an intimate friendship with God. The latter third of Moses’ life was forever marked by the Presence of God, all because Moses discerned the invitation and stopped to take a closer look.

No matter what stage of life you are in, learn to discern His quiet invitations. When you do, stop to take a closer look. You never know, the destiny of an entire nation may be at stake…

Or maybe just an end to the drought in your own soul.

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