Come to the Table

“You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies.” – Psalm 23:5

Come to the table. Come to the table of communion. The table of divine union. The table of redemption … of restoration … and of remembrance.

Come to the table. Come to the table and remember. Remember My broken body. Remember My stripes that heal you. Remember My shed blood that takes away the sins of the world … the blood that takes away your sins.

Come to the table.  Come to the table I have set before you. The table I have set in the presence of your enemies. Come and remember I have disarmed and disabled the spiritual forces of wickedness that seek to harm you. Come and remember I made a public spectacle of their vain plots to thwart My purposes. Come and remember it is finished.

Come to the table. Come to the table and sit next to Me. I have eagerly desired to share this table with you. I have eagerly desired to commune with you. I have eagerly desired to reveal My heart and My plans for you.

Come to the table. Come and see Me—really see Me. Come and partake of My body and My blood. Come and experience My love poured out for you. Come and lay hold of that for which I have laid hold of you.

Come to the table, beloved. I’m waiting for you here.

Jesus, how can we even begin to thank You for the table You have set before us? Even more, how can we thank You for the sacrifice it represents? Lord, today—on this day we set apart to remember—open our eyes and hearts to a fresh revelation of Your love. And as we come to the table, let us honor Your sacrifice by laying hold of everything for which You laid hold of us. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering!  ~Amen

I hear Him saying: Fix your eyes on Me.

2 thoughts on “Come to the Table

  1. thank you Cindy!
    the marriage supper is ready and people are making excuses or don’t realize that the table is set in the presence of our enemies
    “the Bride makes herself ready!” Revelation 19:1-16
    We take the new Name! and the Word of God becomes our Sword of the Spirit to slay and remove evil from our lives and our families and our churches and our cities and states and nations through Christ in us, the hope of glory; the “tree of life” planted in us grows up into maturity in Christ and the leaves are for the healing of the nations! Be healed and be made whole, nations, in Christ and Christ in you!

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