Not By Might…

“‘Not by might nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ Says the LORD of hosts.” -Zechariah 4:6

I’m so glad it’s not all up to me.

If it was, trust me, we’d pretty much all be doomed.

I’m actually really grateful it’s not all up to you, either. I know some pretty great humans, but there isn’t a single soul I’d trust with oversight of the universe.

Yet there is One—only One—I do trust…

  • One who is outside of time
  • One who is uncreated and unchanging
  • One who is all powerful and all knowing
  • One who is full of grace and truth
  • One who is forever faithful
  • One who is peace, and hope, and wisdom, and joy
  • One who is Love

The One—the only One—who is the Giver and Source of life itself.

THIS One fights for me. THIS One calls me His own. THIS One is by my side … always.

So when faced with mountains … with obstacles … with challenges … with flat-out impossibilities…

I’m so very, very glad I DON’T need to rely upon my own resources.

It’s not by MY might. It’s not by MY power …

But by HIS Spirit.

And in His name … in His strength … because of His unchanging goodness …

Those mountains WILL move.

Jesus, Thank You for Your unchanging nature and for Your unchanging promises. Thank You for Your enduring faithfulness. I’m so thankful that no mountain is a match for Your power and love! We stand before You shouting grace to every obstacle, ready to watch in amazement as YOU do what only You can do. ~Amen

I hear Him saying: Abide in My shadow

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