“Be still and know I am God.”-Psalm 46:10

I recently had a revelation:

I always choose connection with God, but I don’t always choose stillness.

What I mean by that is this: I have chosen to connect—to abide in Him—because I KNOW nothing can separate me from His love. I am His forever, period. I have consciously chosen, by faith, to live in that reality.

But I don’t always choose to be still and partake as fully of that connection as I could.

  • I don’t always choose to selah; to breathe
  • I don’t always choose to glance—to focus—in His direction
  • I don’t always choose to gaze upon His loveliness

While 24/7 connection IS possible, 24/7 stillness probably is not.  Connection comes from recognizing that Jesus has already fully restored abiding communion with Himself through the cross. Choosing to stay connected is the ongoing acknowledgement of that fact through faith. It is about maintaining an ongoing dialogue with heaven in every season and circumstance, and through all types highs and lows. It isn’t about warm fuzzies—it is about consistently embracing the truth that He filled all the space between us.

Stillness, on the other hand, is about our present tense experience of that truth.

We may not always experience that glorious stillness in our souls, but it is available. We do have access. And most of us have the OPPORTUNITY to rest in His presence a whole lot more often than we actually do.

To be clear, this isn’t about hours and hours of being lost in His presence. As glorious as those times are, for most of us, that isn’t feasible most of the time. Instead, I’m talking about laying hold of moments. Glances. Breathing Him in, breathing out the stresses and strains of life. Looking up to gaze upon His beauty. Intentionally surrendering our anxiety and recognizing the reality of His waiting embrace.

I don’t know about you but if I’m honest, I really could do that a whole lot more often than I do.

But that is where recognizing the truth of our abiding connection comes in so handy. When you KNOW you’re firmly held—whether you feel it or not, and whether you seek it or not—ultimately, your heart WILL seek, and find, that beautiful stillness once again.

Jesus, draw my heart deeper and deeper into the stillness—into the blissful holy hush of Your presence. Your presence is life to me. Make me more and more aware of the always-available, never-ending peace I find in You. In this moment, it is my glorious privilege to be still and know you are God. ~Amen

I hear Him saying: I will lead you beside still waters and restore your soul

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