The Enduring Joy of the Season

img_7223I’ve been busy this Christmas season. Too busy. Too busy, too often. Too busy to take notice. Too busy to dial into the wonder of it all.

But it’s okay.

It’s okay because over the years I’ve come to realize that this season isn’t about how many Christmasy feelings I do or do not have. It isn’t about how many moments of wonder I do or do not capture. It’s about Him. It’s about the fact that He came. It’s about the fact that He stayed – that He’s here now and He’ll never leave. He is Immanuel. God with us. The constant One. He is not only the One who came, He is the One who never leaves. He is the One I commune with 24/7, 365 days a year.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmasy feelings. I love capturing moments of wonder. But most of all I love Him. And I love that He loves me when I stop to “dial in” and just as much when I don’t.

Here’s the deal: Every single redeemed life is a celebration of Christmas, every single day. So if you’re not feeling too Christmasy this year, don’t worry. It really doesn’t change a thing. Because He already came. He forever is, and forever will be, our Immanuel.

And that is the enduring joy of the season.


I haven’t posted on here for such a long time that I’m not sure there is still anyone still out there. But to anyone who is–may your heart be immersed in the enduring joy of His coming. Merry Christmas!

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