Voices of Justice: Online magazine to fight human trafficking

VOJ Summer 2018 Cover

I have been in quite the season of transition and it has been both challenging and wonderful.  I’ve been sensing that corporately and individually we’re on the brink of a major shift into seeing many of the things we have long prayed for. One of those more personal shifts is the subject of this post.

I am currently transitioning into the role of Senior Editor for Voices of Justice magazine—an online magazine that seeks to educate and empower readers to make a difference in the fight against human trafficking (click here or on the picture above for the latest edition of the magazine). The magazine was launched a couple years ago and has had contributors from many well-known organizations involved in abolition efforts (A-21, World Vision, Free the Slaves, to name a few), as well as from a broad cross-section of other organizations and individuals who are either on the frontlines, or serving in other creative ways.

The previous editor did a fantastic job getting things rolling. She put in a HUGE amount of effort in the magazine’s initial development and in getting it off the ground. But she is going through her own shift and knew it was time to move on to other things. Somehow God made the dots connect, and here I am.

I’m incredibly grateful the Lord has entrusted me with this opportunity.  The issue of human trafficking is one that has been deeply etched in my heart for a number of years and I  have long desired to have greater impact in its prevention and eradication. Although I have a steep learning curve, and it will be quite the challenge to find the time and resources to publish the magazine with the level of excellence I believe it deserves, I know this is an answer to prayer.

The magazine has a ton of potential–there is nothing else like it out there–but to achieve its potential will definitely be a process. Among other things, I hope to give it an overall face-lift, increase exposure, and create an infrastructure that will allow the magazine to be monetized through advertising.  I also plan to change the name by the beginning of the year, revamp the website, and do a little re-branding. Lofty goals–so we’ll see! My  desire and prayer is that GAJ will eventually generate enough advertising income to not only pay contributors, but also to be able to donate a large percentage of revenue to organizations working to end modern-day slavery.

Before any of that can happen, my first focus is to simply increase exposure and circulation. That’s why I’m sharing it here.  Right now the magazine is a pretty well-kept secret and I would greatly appreciate any help getting the word out! Increasing circulation will:

a) Give more exposure to the great organizations that contribute; and

b) Better position us to be attractive to advertisers

Here are some very simple ways you can help increase circulation:

  1. You can subscribe by clicking here. In subscribing you will typically receive one email a month or less.
  2. For those of you on social media if you are willing to like the VOJ page on FB: https://www.facebook.com/vojmagazine/   and/or follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/vojmagazine it would be much appreciated!
  3. You can share the magazine with anyone and everyone you think would be interested. Most of us know people and organizations who are quite invested in this issue—we are always looking for new partners and contributors! (See http://voicesofjustice.org/submissions/ for submission guidelines.)
  4. Last, but certainly not least, if anyone is inclined to pray, that would be awesome!  There are a myriad of resources needed, as well as wisdom for a multitude of decisions.

Thank you so much for any help getting the word out. Our voices need to be heard on behalf of the ones whose voices have been silenced. They can’t speak out, but we can!

If you have any questions about the magazine you can email me at: cindy@voicesofjustice.org

NOTE: This post was updated in June 2018 to reflect the change in the magazines name from Grace as Justice to Voices of Justice. All links have also been updated accordingly.

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