Time to Be-Loved? New/old curriculum available (free) online soon!

Be Loved coverYears ago I saw a picture of a circle that began, then ended, then began again. Each time the circle closed and began again, it was within the previous circle, but slightly smaller. After several circles had begun, then closed, then began again, the picture took on the shape of a funnel. I realized that each time something came “full circle” and then began again, the focus of the funnel was becoming more and more defined and precise.

I feel like that has happened many times in my life. I’ve started something, then it ends–often before I felt like I had accomplished what I set out to do. But then it would begin again–with a slightly refined focused. Then that would end, and then, begin again.

You get the picture.

Well, I’m starting something again. Something I began, then put away, then began again, only to set it aside again. This time, though, I have a slightly refined focus. Something else is different this time too:

I’m going to finish it.

Several years ago, the Lord spoke to my heart about developing curriculum on intimacy with Him. I was going to call it Deeper Waters. I won’t bore you with the history, but suffice it to say it was the right idea, but it wasn’t quite the right time and I didn’t quite have the precise focus. So I’m starting another loop. In fact, it’s already been in process for a while. I’ve actually taken the original 8-10 week outline and broken it down into two five-week series of classes. The first is called: 6:3 Be-Loved (the 6:3 is from Song of Songs 6:3).

Beginning April 7th and concluding May 19th, I’ll be teaching the class locally (it’s only five weeks but we have some breaks for a night of worship at the end of each month and also for a week I’ll be out of town). The Monday following each class, I hope to post an abbreviated devotional version of that week’s topic on my blog, along with a summarized teaching via podcast.  For anyone who is interested, I’ll also post a link to the full version of the curriculum  for that week. When it’s all done, I’ll make some final tweaks then publish it in booklet form on Amazon (although I’ll probably still keep the one-week at a time downloads available on my blog). I also hope to eventually do some video teaching for each session. If all goes well, I’ll follow the first five weeks with a second five-week session that will be more focused on  the topic of prayer from a place of intimacy and relationship.

So that’s the latest circle. It’s time to be-loved. I’m excited–really excited, actually–about the curriculum because I think it has the potential to set some people free and make it easier to connect to His heart. And there is nothing better than being set free to be-loved, by Love … for life.

Because no matter how many loops we make, Love is always the center.

2 thoughts on “Time to Be-Loved? New/old curriculum available (free) online soon!

    1. Thanks Mel. It’s about time, lol. Each week of the actual curriculum is fairly long (chapter length 3-3,500 words) so I’ll only post a brief excerpt here but make it all available for download in case someone (or a small group) want to go thru the whole thing. I figured if I was on the topic anyway, I may as well coordinate it with my blog. But it may end up being a pain trying to do the actual class, excerpts, AND the podcast. If so, I’ll attempt to finish the first five weeks but won’t repeat it for the second series. It’s all a grand adventure – figuring out what works is half the fun 😉

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