Spontaneous Devotions: “Funny Shalom”

“Joy is peace dancing and peace is joy at rest.” -F.B. Meyer

I love the word shalom. It is an amazing word that means so much more than our English word “peace.” As I was contemplating the many facets of shalom, I jotted down these words:

Art by Aeron Brown



Such weight
Such sanctity
Such sacred beauty
In one little word

Shalom He leaves with us
Shalom He breathes on us
Shalom reveals the beauty of his Being

Shalom stills commotion
Quiets raging emotions
Guards our hearts and mind with peace

Shalom, a blissful holy hush
And a choice to trust
Releasing rest to weary souls

Ever unfolding
Quiet confidence growing
In the One…
Who is himself our peace

Shalom is all of that and more.Really, shalom is a “growing knowing” of who we are in him. Since I have been thinking so much about shalom–focusing on it, chewing on it, meditating on it–it’s what was on my heart when Aeron and I got together to pray this week. But a funny thing happened along the way and shalom took on a new dimension. As it did, it suddenly became, well, funny.

We experienced God’s funny (and very fun) shalom. As we started to pray we both got so blasted by the Holy Spirit that we couldn’t stop laughing. I know we probably did pray about other things, but I really don’t remember much of it. All I remember is funny shalom (well that, and the fact that Jesus is the “moreyist morest more” but that is another story for another day).

Here’s the thing…shalom can be funny. Shalom can be fun. Because shalom is wholeness. Shalom is completion. We are complete in him–we are whole in his presence. He himself is our peace. And it just so happens that in his presence…

Is fullness of joy.  

Lord thank you for fullness of joy in your presence. Thank you for shalom that passes ALL human understanding. We are complete in you–yet you are so vast, so immeasurable, so utterly beyond the limitations of our words and comprehension. We may not be able to fit the wholeness of who you are between our ears, but help us not to limit you to the confines of what we can comprehend. Help us not to limit you to the confines of our language. Open our hearts to believe and receive so much more than we currently understand. Surprise us with your goodness, Lord. Delight us again and again with your love. Lord, in our world and in our lives, we NEED the fullness of your shalom.  And may the fullness of your shalom–the wholeness of your shalom–fill us with abounding peace and joy today and always.

May your week be filled with shalom!

Artwork by Aeron Brown. Spontaneous devotions are just that – a spontaneous collaborative expression of worship. I read scripture and/or some devotional thoughts, then pray into those those thoughts while Aeron draws. For others click here.

9 thoughts on “Spontaneous Devotions: “Funny Shalom”

  1. Love the quote, the poem, your thoughts about it, the drawing,,,love it all! I especially love God’s shalom! And wholeness definitely includes LOTS of joy! Blessings and shalom!


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