Spontaneous Devotions: “The Choice”

“Surrender your anxiety. Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.”  – Psalm 46:10 tPt

Art by Aeron Brown

Sometimes I try so hard
Sometimes I try so hard to do what I think I should do
To be what I think I should be
To respond how I think I should respond
But today
I surrender
I let go
I let go of all my striving
I let go of all my trying
I let go of all my anxiety…
My anxiety about getting it wrong
My anxiety about not being enough
My anxiety about somehow missing Your best
My anxiety about my inability to be
Everything I think I should be
And instead…
I choose to simply be
I choose to be Yours
I choose to believe that being Yours is enough
I choose to believe my life is enough
Because it’s all I have to give
My all is all I have, Lord
And it’s Yours
Now, always, forever,
All I am is Yours
Somehow I think You’re okay with that
In fact, I think You’re more than okay with it—
I think You’re actually pretty ecstatic
Because somehow I think my all…
Is more than enough for You
So today, Abba
Once again
I choose You
I choose love, I choose life, and I choose hope
I choose to believe what You think about me
I choose to believe what You say about me
I choose to silence the voices that accuse me
(including my own)
I choose not to allow doubt and fear a place to speak
I choose to stop striving
And I know
I know that I know that I know
I will see…
That you are God.

I would have lost heart unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” -Psalm 27:13 NKJV


I love the way Aeron drew this verse and meditation. We can choose not to carry our baggage from the past into a new season. When we surrender those old weights and let go, we can climb right on top of them and they become a platform to a higher place. They’re a lot more useful under our feet! As we were praying into this I really felt the Lord saying that’s exactly what many of His kids are learning to to do. It blesses His heart to no end, because “letting go of the baggage” becomes the very thing that elevates us and positions us for the next season.

Another huge part of the “letting go” process  is learning to find peace in stillness and silence–even in the midst of tremendous uncertainty. We are so uncomfortable with empty space that we try to fill it with all kinds of “noise”–but when we  stop striving God Himself is free to fill the space. This is especially important in times of transition. Sometimes silence really is golden. Talking too much inevitably creates space for doubt–especially when talking to people who are not intimately acquainted with our unique journey (and sometimes that is pretty much everyone–including those closest to us). One of the hardest things for us to surrender is our need to feel understood. But God understands–and when it comes down to it, that is more than enough.

He is enough for you. You are enough for Him. You can choose to believe it. Right here, right now, you can choose to…

“Surrender your anxiety. Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.”

Let go of that baggage. Climb on top of it and watch expectantly…you will see that He is God.

Artwork by Aeron Brown. Spontaneous devotions are just that – a spontaneous collaborative expression of worship. I read scripture and/or some devotional thoughts, then pray into those those thoughts while Aeron draws. For others click here.

6 thoughts on “Spontaneous Devotions: “The Choice”

  1. Amen. Loved the idea of climbing on our baggage. God turns our junk into compassion, understanding, grace, and greater ability to love and be loved. So, yes, let’s let go and let it elevate us for the next upgrade! Blessings.


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