Becoming the Solution

I freely admit it…I have more questions than answers.

There have been many heartbreaking and divisive issues facing our nation in recent months and most of the time it is hard to know how to respond.

So most of the time I don’t. It’s certainly not because I don’t care. And it also isn’t because I don’t have my own opinions.

It’s because I don’t have answers.

I’ve witnessed far too many folks make things worse with their many words and opinions (often handily disguised as convictions)–so mostly I keep mine to myself. It is our right to express ourselves. Sometimes speaking out is absolutely the right and necessary thing to do–but as followers of Jesus, I also believe we’re supposed to stand in the gap, not widen it.

We widen it a lot. Most of the time it is quite unnecessary. That fact makes me incredibly sad, so I try really hard not to add to the problem.

But sometimes I think I’m trying so hard not to cause harm that I miss the opportunity to do good.

I heard something recently that caused me to examine my own heart and really think:

Don’t congratulate yourself for not being part of the problem, be part of the solution. – Bill Johnson (paraphrased)

I do try really hard to not be part of the problem. For the most part, I keep my heart checked and manage to stay above the fray. There are many sides to most issues, so I try to see the big picture. I pray. I listen. I try to stay positive. I encourage when and where I can.  But that in and of itself isn’t good enough.

I want to be part of the solution.

I’m not sure what that means for me. I’m pretty darn sure it doesn’t mean  frequently sharing my supposedly unbiased opinions (which are usually quite biased in reality) here, or on Facebook, or on any one of a zillion other mediums at our disposal. That market is covered. But that one little statement has caused me to pray a bit differently. It’s caused me to think a bit differently and to ask slightly different questions. It’s caused me to seek greater understanding, first from heaven’s perspective, but also from the perspective of those with whom I may disagree or with those with whom I have no point of relating or reference.

Heaven does have answers. I’m convinced of this. But I don’t just want to say there are answers, I want to be a part of the answer.

One little statement got me thinking and praying differently. So today I’m sending out one little blog post with one little question of my own…

What will you do to be part of the solution?

If we each sincerely seek to be a real part of the solutions for the challenges of our day, the gaps that separate us just might begin to close in our lifetime. 

Oh Lord, let it be so…

And start with me.


Here’s a great video of a guy who decided to be the solution:

10 thoughts on “Becoming the Solution

  1. Great topic, Cindy. I’m re-educating myself about current social justice issues. I’m changing the tenor of my blogs. I’m becoming more courageous about speaking out. And I’m definitely putting my votes where they will do the most good.


  2. Amen Cindy. Loved the Bill Johnson quote. Yes, we do need to be part of the solution.

    For my part, it all comes down to love! First, to follow Jesus, which means doing my best to cooperate with Him on getting the huge piece of timber out of my own eye. 🙂 Second, to teach and demonstrate the love of the Father. This is what my blog is about. I want the world (especially Christians!) to know that God is actually good; He’s not Molech; He’s not angry and retributive; He’s love! He’s everything the human heart has always longed for but didn’t believe was possible. Finally, to be able to demonstrate His love in all my relationships. To let Him pour Himself out through me in everything I do and say. I am convinced that this is the solution. The world’s present problems only illustrate the lack of these things. And I SO agree…let it start with me!

    Btw, I think you’re blog is part of the solution, too. 🙂 Blessings.


    1. Ha ha, thanks Mel. I always feel like maybe I should be doing something more. It is good to ask the questions, but you’re right it really does ALL come down to LOVE. When we abide in Him (really, when we abide in Love) we each become our own unique manifestation of the solution. Blessings to you Mel!

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