The Beauty of Sometimes

I say, “Don’t ponder the former things”
But sometimes …
I find myself looking back in fear

I say, “There is no need to beg a good and gracious God”
But sometimes …
My whiny prayers betray my lack of faith

I say, “He is trustworthy in every season”
But sometimes …
Worry invades my soul

I say, “There is no lack in His kingdom”
But sometimes …
I live like a pauper guarding his last meal


Sometimes I forget
Sometimes I lose heart
Sometimes I give in to fear
Sometimes I lose faith


But if I didn’t forget sometimes …
I wouldn’t know the joy of remembering

And sometimes I do remember

Sometimes I don’t look back …
I look up; I look at Him

Sometimes I don’t beg …
I believe; I stand confidently in His promises

Sometimes I don’t worry …
I trust; I remain in His perfect peace

Sometimes I don’t live like a pauper …
I live like a child of the King; lavished in abundance

Because sometimes …
Sometimes is beautiful

Sometimes counts
Sometimes is real
Sometimes matters …
to Him

Because my sometimes faith
My sometimes hope
My sometimes trust …

Changes me always

Thank You, Abba, for the beauty of sometimes. I’m so thankful for the amazing grace that seals those beautiful sometimes into my heart for all of eternity. In Your kingdom, every moment of trust counts; every faith-filled moment transforms me.  This eternal reality has transformed those beautiful “sometimes” into “most of the time.”  But when I forget, for a moment, thank You for the absolute joy and wonder of remembering Your faithfulness all over again! ~Amen

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Sometimes

  1. Love the truth in this; our frailty and faithfulness is all real, and his faithfulness in it all is unfathomably, lovingly unwavering. What an exceptional gift we get each time we are needy and are invited to remember Him, again and again. Love you, friend. xoxo


  2. God Morning Cindy! Thank you for your faith messages! It only takes a mustard seed of faith; the tiniest seed, fed the Word and led by the Spirit, to grow into Christ’s tree of life, his Life in us!


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