What I Really Need

I’ve taken a bit of an unscheduled break from the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks, but this morning I ran across a hard copy of this post from a few years ago. As I read it again, I realized this is still exactly What I Really Need:

I don’t need …

—another great sermon or a good book

—a divine appointment or an important connection

—a word of encouragement or exhortation

I don’t need to visit  …

—a significant or sentimental place from the past

—an awesome anointed conference

—a wonderful church or prayer room

I’m not looking for …

—a mountain top experience

—profound revelation

—or even breakthrough

What I need is simple …

I need Him.

Only Him. I MUST have Him. I have to have Him.

Without Him, nothing means anything. With Him, even pain and loss become stepping-stones to greater joy.

Don’t get me wrong …

I’m eternally grateful for many great messages; good books; divine appointments; and encouraging words.

I’ve been deeply blessed by visits to significant places; by many anointed conferences; and by some amazing churches and prayer rooms.

I’ve been changed forever by mountain top experiences; profound revelations; and life changing spiritual breakthroughs.

But right here, right now …

My need … my ache … my desire … my longing …


To be with Him … to know Him … to see Him … to touch Him … to worship Him  …

To love Him.

I don’t need words. I don’t need a place. I don’t need an experience. I don’t even need an answered prayer …

I need Him.

I need His presence.

In His presence, this senseless world makes sense. In His presence, restlessness becomes rest. In His presence, impatience becomes patience, confusion becomes clarity, and heartache becomes wholeness …

In His presence is fullness of joy.

As I set my face and my heart to seek Him …

—I’m wooed by relentless love

—drawn by the fire in His eyes

—held by the silent embrace of His gaze

—immersed in the eternal glory of His Being

—both stirred and satisfied by desire too deep for words

I’m complete … I’m whole … I’m at peace …


I’m ruined for lesser passions … my heart ravished by the superior pleasure of loving Him … lovesick with desire.

In Him, I have everything I need …


Beautiful Jesus, You alone satisfy the longing in my soul. There is nothing quite like the reality of being known by You and loved by You–and the privilege of knowing You and loving You in return. 

“I am my beloved’s. And my beloved is mine.  I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.”  Song of Solomon 6:3 and 7:10 (NKJV)

“I charge you, O daughters of Jerusalem, If you find my beloved, that you tell him I am lovesick!” –Song of Solomon 5:8 (NKJV)

5 thoughts on “What I Really Need

  1. “I’M LOVED.
    I’m ruined for lesser passions … my heart ravished by the superior pleasure of loving Him … lovesick with desire.
    In Him, I have everything I need …

    Amen and AMEN! Yes!


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