The Worthy One

This is one of those posts I already know I have little to no chance of truly expressing what’s in my heart.

But I’m writing it anyway. I’m writing it anyway because it is the thing that is burning within me. It is the one thing I can’t get out of my heart or mind. It’s the thing that brings me to tears and sends shivers of holy awe up and down my spine. It’s the thing that trumps lesser desires and has marked the course of my life.

It’s the thing that leaves me at a complete loss for words, but at the same time desperately determined to seek a way–any way–to express what I’ve experienced so deeply. This vivid reality. This sacred privilege. This blessed assurance. This holy communion that simply cannot be constrained to the limitations of human language.

How do you say thank you for life? For freedom?

How do express a love that so far transcends words that at times they seem utterly useless?

I don’t know how. I probably never will. But my heart aches to try. Because my heart longs to honor this One …

~this holy One

~this faithful One

~this magnificient One

~this beautiful One

This WORTHY One.

This One who loves me with everything –

Yet demands nothing.

And because He demands nothing

I want to give Him everything.

I desperately desire to live a life worthy of this worthy One. I don’t always get it right, but I’m leaning into His heart. I’m listening for His voice. I’m pressing on to lay hold of that for which He laid hold of me. As I do, I will keep learning …

~by surrendering

~by trusting

~by believing

~by loving

And by following the Lamb wherever He goes.

Because the one thing I do know is this …

There is only ONE found worthy.

And this worthy One …

Is worthy of my all.

Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power and wealth and wisdom and strength and honor and glory and praise!”

Then I heard every creature in heaven and on earth and under the earth and on the sea, and all that is in them, saying:

“To him who sits on the throne and to the Lamb be praise and honor and glory and power, for ever and ever!” – Rev 5:12-13


I took a little break from blogging to spend some time seeking God’s heart for this next season. I’ve mentioned before that I was going to be making some changes but wasn’t sure what they would look like. I ultimately decided to keep this blog as my personal place of expression (rather than the Deeper Waters blog) simply because this has been my personal blog for so many years, but I’ll be changing the name and look. In fact, it will probably end up looking a lot like the Deeper Waters blog does now, since I plan to stop posting to that one. I still plan to start another blog dealing specifically with social justice, but for a variety of reasons, it seemed best to start that one from scratch. Stay tuned 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Worthy One

  1. Reblogged this on The Writing Entrepreneur and commented:
    There is only one worthy to be worshipped —Worthy is the Lamb to receive honor and glory. Praise be to God for his wonderful love and mercy that he sheds forth to us, that all can come to the knowledge of his dear son and receive eternal life. Chose God, Choose eternal life.

    I invite each and every one of you to check out my blog, “Godly Witnesses.” Post are written for the glorifying of the Lord Jesus and to instruct you regarding these last days.

    My blog is located here:


  2. Cindy, Words do fail when we try and give witness to the Glory and wonder of This beautiful One we love and worship…but we can’t help but speak of the things we’ve seen and heard. Thanks for sharing and inspiring us to press on to know Him and make Him known.
    Blessings as you do a little transitioning with your blogsite. Whatever you choose to do, it’s always a blessing and one of the few blogs I continue to read during my own season of transition and change. Hugs!


    1. It seems many are in a significant season of transition–but I think it is a good thing. It is always so good to hear from you, Glenda. Praying for you as you face your own changes. I’m grateful to be able to keep in touch, even through our intermittent blogging 🙂 Hugs and blessings to you!


  3. Awesome post, Cindy. And do I relate to this! Ha!
    I TOTALLY understand your holy frustration. Especially with the worthiness of God! Ahhhh! Tilt!
    In my case, I’ve felt like God turned me upside-down, shook out everything that was in my “Christian” pockets, then turned me right-side up again and said, “There!” There???? What do You mean, “there,” Lord???? LOL! I feel such a fundamental shift in my spirit that shakes everything I thought the Christian life is at its core that I don’t know where to begin. I try to write about it but can’t find the words. I can immediately spot what it’s not, but at a loss as to an adequate way to describe that either. Again…ahhh!!! So, I join you, sister, in this glorious shaking. Maybe we can pray for each other to find the vocabulary for something that so defies description. 🙂 Look forward to reading about the transition here. Blessings.


    1. Ha ha, yes–TILT for sure! Like David says, “such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is too high, I cannot attain it!” So nice to know I’m not the only crazy out there who keeps trying to put into words what can’t be put into words. Thanks for getting it 🙂 And yes, deal, we can pray for each other to keep trying, somehow, someway, to find language for the absolutely, utterly, inexpressible. I kinda think He quite enjoys our attempts! Blessings to you!


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