The Beauty of Simplicity? ( And the Beauty of Change)

Sunrise over the Galilee

“Living life and loving Jesus in the beauty of simplicity.”

That sounds good, doesn’t it? It used to be the tagline for this blog. I thought it sounded good when I first put it up and I still think it sounds good now.

Unfortunately, it is also a little hard to live up to.

The surprising thing is as I have intentionally simplified my life, I’ve simultaneously discovered just how “unsimple” parts of it still are. Not only that, over the years, things I thought were simple, have taken on new layers of complexity and depth.

But that’s okay. It’s all part of the journey. It’s all part of the paradox of life and faith.  And one of the major  paradoxes in my life right now is that life has never been more complicated …

Or more simple.

“Many things in life are complicated, but our faith doesn’t need to be one of them.”

Another quote from this blog (on the Why Simple Faith page). This is a truth I cling to like a lifeline. On one hand, I’ve learned to enjoy the simplicity and beauty of being present in God’s presence every day. (Just posted on this very topic over on the Live Brave blog a couple days ago.)  On the other hand, taking a bit of personal ownership and responsibility for some of the very complex and devastating issues currently facing humanity also weighs heavily upon my heart and soul.

For the record, I’m not talking about being weighed down by these issues, but I do feel the weight of his love and compassion over the injustices rampant in our world …

And I can’t ignore that fact.

So here I stand. A simple girl, with simple faith, in the midst of a complex world. A simple girl, with simple faith, compelled by the love of Christ to make a difference–somehow someway–in the complicated issues of our time.

A simple girl, with simple faith, who must shine the profound but simple truth of his love on–and into–the darkness.

I’m not entirely sure what that will mean for this blog. I’ve been chewing on this question for awhile. All I do know is I’ll be making some changes. I’ve hinted at that before. Hint is all I can do at this point because I haven’t completely landed. For now,  I will be focusing a bit more on my blog over at Deeper Waters .   I’ll be making a few tweaks  and using that blog as the primary place I focus on the simple beauty and pleasure of loving–and being loved by–God (which, for the record, will ALWAYS be my favorite topic).

As for Simple Faith? I’ll always need–and hopefully will always have–simple faith, but  I’m not sure I need a blog to share it anymore. In fact, that isn’t what I have been sharing most often on this blog in recent months. It’s run its course. Not sure when I’ll mix things up–could be weeks, could be months … who knows. But whenever and however I change things, I plan to leave all the existing content right where it is. I’ll just change the theme and focus whenever I’m ready to move forward.

This is bittersweet for me. There have been times I’ve needed this place to express myself. I’m SO grateful to those of you who have been regular readers. You have enriched my life greatly. Those of you who have encouraged me along this journey will forever be in my heart. I hope most of you will continue to stay in touch through Deeper Waters or, in the future, through whatever form this blog ultimately takes.  I sincerely hope that many of you have found encouragement here along the way–that has always been my desire and prayer.  And for all of us,  I pray we will ultimately learn to live life and love Jesus …

In the beauty of simplicity.

UPDATE June 13th, 2014 … as I’ve prayed this through, I’ve decided to keep this blog as my person site and let it continue to shape (and re-shape) itself as I follow Him. 🙂

6 thoughts on “The Beauty of Simplicity? ( And the Beauty of Change)

  1. Cindy, the thing I’m discovering on this lifelong journey of being yoked with Jesus is the continuing cognitive dissonance – the simple yet complex; the already/ not yet; being pre-ordained AND having free will. We want to put God inside our box of human logic – the either/or – even though we are told God’s thoughts and ways are not at all like our thoughts and ways and His thoughts and ways are so far above ours they’re impossible for any human to comprehend. For me, that’s the intricate beauty of simple faith.

    See you in Deeper Waters.


    1. “The intricate beauty of simple faith”–LOVE it! And yes, gotta love the mystery of paradox. Can’t imagine getting too far on this journey of faith without being willing to embrace mystery–He is so much more than we will ever comprehend. And yep, look forward to seeing you in deeper waters 🙂


  2. Ah Cindy, I do love your thoughts on simple faith, simple girl. I find it hard to stay there sometimes when complexities and stuff of life threaten to unglue my peace. I will look forward to continuing to read your blogs over at Deeper Waters. Blessings to you as you make those desired changes.


    1. It will be interesting to see where it all leads, Glenda. But in the meantime I’m content to keep walking with Him and enjoying the journey. Many blessings to you dear one!


  3. “For the record, I’m not talking about being weighed down by these issues, but I do feel the weight of his love and compassion over the injustices rampant in our world …and I can’t ignore that fact.” Amen, well said. I really think you’re heading into “deeper waters” with this simple faith thing now. 🙂 Still keeping it simple–being loved by Jesus and loving others with that same love.
    Will look forward to hearing your insights about your continuing journey on Deeper Waters. Blessings.


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