Tuning out … to tune in

Everyone has a voice.

That’s a good thing. We all need an authentic means of expressing ourselves. We all have something worthwhile to share with the world around us. We are all worthy of having someone care and having someone listen to the things we write and say.

Many of us do care and do want to listen to those around us. That’s a good thing as well.

But when you start hearing too many voices at one time–a good thing can quickly turn into a not-so-good thing.

When everyone starts speaking at once – when everyone wants to be heard – when everyone has an opinion–a favorite principle to live by, a favorite scripture to quote, a favorite issue they’re passionate about, a favorite soapbox, etc.–well, it can all become a little overwhelming. It can become a little chaotic. And if you let it go too far,  it can even become a little confusing.

So I’m tuning out for a bit. I’m tuning out the extra noise.

But I’m not tuning out to check out

I’m tuning out to tune in. 

I’m tuning in to the Voice.

His voice

…the voice of my Beloved.

…the voice of the One who loves me.

…the voice of the One who knows me.

…the voice of the One who knows what need to hear.

…the voice of the One who orders my steps.

Because, his is the only voice I will ultimately answer to for the choices I make in life.

I’m so grateful for all the amazing voices in my life. Whether they be personal friends, family, spiritual leaders, fellow bloggers/authors, or many, many others–my life has been greatly enriched by the voices of others.  But there are times when you need to be very intentional about avoiding an overload of input. There are times when the only voice you really need to hear is his.

That’s where I’m at. I’ve taken in a lot lately. I need time to sift through it. I need time to pray through it. I need him to show me what to do with it all. I need him to show me how to respond.

Really, I’m in this place where I’m so keenly aware of the fact that one day I will stand before his throne and I will give an account for my life. And on that day, there is only one voice and one opinion that will matter …


So I’m turning the volume way down on all the other amazing and well-meaning but not-always-so-relevant-to-me-right-now voices.  I’m sharpening my focus. I’m adjusting the tuner and dialing in to 

…his voice

…his word

…his heart

And as I take the time to really listen …

I know I’ll hear everything I really need to hear.

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