Once For All … Forever

In honor of Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement – I’m posting this song that celebrates the “once for all” atonement that we, as believers in Yeshua, have apprehended.  While we could stand to learn much from those who spend this day–the holiest day on the Jewish calendar–revering God’s greatness and reflecting on their lives before him, I’m also eternally grateful for the forgiveness and freedom we have because of Calvary. It is finished!

And because of the victory he won for us, “We sing hallelujah, for the Lamb has overcome!”

Forever he is glorified! 

2 thoughts on “Once For All … Forever

  1. Beautiful Cindy! I have a dear cousin that went home to be with the Lord yesterday morning during his sleep. Randy was a special child the doctors wanted to lay aside, but his father turned him over to Jesus and he lived 50 years….Because Jesus overcame, we sing Hallelujah, He lives forever and so do all those who place their trust in Him, including my cousin Randy.
    Thanks for sharing this song!


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